Zhana: On Surviving Cancer

Zhana is today’s guest on The Segilola Salami Show. Zhana shares with us her journey from when she was first diagnosed with cancer to surviving cancer and how that led to her writing her books.  I assure you, you need to click play now to listen to this most intriguing conversation with Zhana. There’s also a giveaway sponsored by Barracudas Activity Day Camps.

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About Zhana

podcast cover art cover image Zhana: On Surviving CancerZhana is the author of many books and ebooks, including Secrets of Manifestation, Book Marketing Genius and Write Your Book in Two Days. She has recently launched her new Violet Flame Healing audio series.

Zhana’s books can be found on her website by clicking here.

Here’s Zhana’s message to the listeners of this episode:

Who – When you become a self-publisher, the “Who” is you! You are responsible for everything. You are responsible for the editing, marketing, all aspects of publishing. The “Who” can also be an editor. If you are not confident and highly skilled in the areas such as spelling, grammar and punctuation, you need to hire an editor who can make sure your book looks professional. And, of course, the “Who” are your readers and your street team. More about building your street team below.

What – The “what” is your material. I write books about self-help, mind/body/spirit, achieving your goals, etc. If you write nonfiction, you need to focus on what material will help your readers. What will help them to achieve their goals?

Where – Self-publishing is everywhere now. There are so many online platforms. Lulu.com is a platform where you can self-publish for free and Amazon has its own platform, CreateSpace, as well as Kindle Direct Publications (KDP). There are also other platforms where you pay for services such as distribution to libraries and promoting your work to radio stations. So you need to decide what your priorities are.

How – There is a lot of information on how to market your book in my free ebook Book Marketing Genius. Book Marketing Genius focuses on how to build your street team. Your street team is a group of people who know and love your work. They are both a focus group, while you are writing your book, and a fan club who can help you to promote your work. They can write reviews for you, they provide a great source of feedback and help you reach your readers. Book Marketing Genius also contains interviews with two book marketing geniuses, John Kremer, author of 1,001 Ways to Market your Book, and Alinka, author of How I Sold 80,000 Books. They reveal some of their book marketing secrets and strategies. As a self-publisher, you can utilise online platforms, and you also have the choice to publish your book yourself, for real. This is REAL self-publishing. Type up a Word document and, when it’s ready, upload it to a free platform such as Amazon KDP or Lulu.com. This is real self-publishing. Once your work is online, you need to market it. You can use content marketing, for example, blogging to promote your work. Or you can pay a publicist. If you are marketing online, you can, for example, hire people on Fiverr.com to help you attract traffic to your book and your blog.

When Timing can be important. For example, if you are writing about the May or August Bank Holidays, the 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Kwanzaa – any public holiday – this is a good time to release your book. If you are writing about how to pass your exams, release your book at a time when students are preparing for exams. Use any type of tie-in that is relevant to your book. Because I write books about self-help, mind/body/spirit, and achieving your goals, the best time for me to promote my books tends to be around New Year, when people are focusing on improving their lives and making positive changes.

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