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On this page, you can find out more about Segilola Salami, what she does and how you can work with her

Segilola Salami is mum to the most beautiful little girl in the whole wide world! She’s a British Nigerian author, blogger, freelance writer and host of The Segilola Salami Show podcast. Segilola and her daughter live in the United Kingdom, London to be precise.

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What does Segilola Salami write as an author?

Segilola thinks of herself as an accidental author as she did not intentionally set out to become an author.

As a then new mom, with a daughter less than one-year-old, Segilola took to paper writing down folktales that her own mother used to tell her and her sister when they were children themselves. As Segilola had lost her mother before her daughter was born, she decided to write down as many of the folktales that she remembered her mom telling her as a child. This way, she would have a list to refer to whenever it was story time with her daughter.

Before Segilola knew it, she had a script for an animation series featuring Nigerian folktales. Due to a very limited budget, Segilola was not able to realise her dreams of producing the animated series. Instead, she turned the script into a children’s book and that’s how Yetunde: The Life and Times of a Yoruba girl in London book 1 was born in 2015.

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As of January 2019, Segilola Salami has written 7 children’s books:

  1. Yetunde: The Life and Times of a Yoruba girl in London book 1
  2. Yetunde: An Ode To My Mother (book 1.5)
  3. Useless Warrior Princess
  4. My First Words In Yoruba
  5. What Colour Is This?
  6. How To Tell The Time On A Clock In Yoruba
  7. Learn To Count In Yoruba

Segilola Salami’s books can be ordered via your favourite book retailer or from Amazon.

Segilola writes books that she can read to her daughter. As her daughter is growing up in London, it is important to Segilola that her daughter knows her heritage and is proud of it. That’s why Segilola Salami’s books feature something of the Yoruba culture.

The only book that Segilola has written that does not feature anything about the Yoruba culture is her fiction book Useless Warrior Princess.


A little while back, Segilola needed a break from writing children’s books, so she wrote her first Fantasy Romance called Abiku: A Battle Of Gods under the name Elizabeth Salawu. The novella featured very strongly the Yoruba Orisas as the lead characters. Segilola enjoyed fictionising the Yoruba traditional beliefs in her novella and hopes that anyone who likes learning about the Yoruba Orisas would enjoy reading it.

Segilola believes that practice makes perfect and hopes to publish another book before the end of 2019.

Segilola Salami’s books are published by her imprint Segilola Publishing. Authors based in Africa can publish their books through the imprint too.

You can also contact Segilola Salami to buy signed copies of her book. Make sure you have the full delivery address and the message you want to be written on the book.

Do you want to work with Segilola Salami as an author?

Segilola Salami is available for book readings, story time at a local school or library or any other speaking engagement. Please click here to contact her.


What does Segilola Salami do as a lifestyle blogger?

Segilola realised she was indeed a blogger when an author acquaintance of hers told her she was a blogger. Just like becoming an author, Segilola did not set out to become a lifestyle blogger.

Segilola first used her blog to publish episodes of her podcast The Segilola Salami Show. This way, anyone who was interested in finding out about what Segilola does can listen to her podcast show.

As a then first time mom, Segilola needed a platform to record the things she discovered about being a mother and that’s where her blog came in. Segilola also uses her blog to write about things that relate to her Yoruba heritage.

But most importantly, Segilola uses her blog to write about random things that pop into her head or whatever else she does or feels that someone else may benefit from learning about.

Segilola also uses her blog to help promote the books of other authors. She also uses it to promote businesses, especially small businesses, where she finds that there product or service is beneficial to her or her family. Segilola believes that by helping others, you help yourself!

If you are an author, you can write about your book(s) directly on Segilola’s blog via this link.

Do you want to work with Segilola Salami as a blogger?

Segilola is open to collaborating with brands and entrepreneurs to promote your products or services via her lifestyle blog, please click here to contact her.


What does Segilola Salami do as a freelance writer?

Segilola Salami is not yet a household name as an author or a blogger, so Segilola works as a freelance writer to pay the bills. Apart from needing to pay bills, Segilola works as a freelance writer because it allows her to work from home. This way, she can balance working to earn an income with her responsibilities as a parent.

Whenever Segilola looks at her daughter and sees the smile on her face when they do things together, it makes everything worthwhile for her.

Segilola can write original articles and documents that are well researched and unbiased on a range of topics. Segilola’s professional background is in healthcare, so her specialty is as a freelance medical writer. That said, Segilola has worked with a number of non-healthcare brands too. Segilola can write for a B2C or a B2B audience.

Do you want to work with Segilola Salami as a freelance writer?

Segilola is open to working on a writing project in any industry or as a content manager, please click here to contact Segilola to discuss your needs.

You can also click here to check out the posts on Segilola’s blog to get an idea of her style of writing personal blog posts.


What does Segilola Salami do as a podcaster?

Segilola Salami started her podcast The Segilola Salami Show in 2016. After she published her first children’s book in 2015, Segilola read that hosting a podcast is a great way to promote your books. However, Segilola did not start The Segilola Salami Show to do that. She started the show to connect with other authors with the hope of learning from them.

What better way can you think of learning to improve your craft in writing and promoting your book than by speaking with other authors?

The Segilola Salami Show has grown since then and Segilola believes that she’s learnt a lot from her guests and hopes to continue to learn from them.

Segilola started her podcast when her daughter was one year old and is motivated to continue producing the show because she has noticed the positive impact on her daughter as her daughter watches her. Segilola’s now four-year-old little girl knows the different mics that Segilola uses to record her podcast episodes. This has helped her build her speaking confidence as she gets to appear on the show every now and then with Segilola.

Segilola hopes that when her daughter is a little bit older, her daughter would be her co-host.

If you would like to find out more about The Segilola Salami Show, subscribe to it or appear as a guest on the show, please click here.

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