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Are you an author looking for opportunities to promote a chapter of your book? Then this post is for you. Simply enter the details of the book you want to promote as well as a chapter of the book too. By submitting a chapter of your book, anyone who reads it can decide for themselves if they like what they have read enough to want to buy your book.

Once this post is published, it is sent to Segilola Salami’s mailing list with over 3000 subscribers (as at July 2019). This website’s RSS feed is syndicated to a number of other blogs and websites and has over 2 million subscribers.

If you would like your book promoted on social media, this can be done in exchange for sponsoring The Segilola Salami Show.

You are also invited to appear as  a guest on The Segilola Salami Show podcast and take out a brand promo package. Click here to find out more info.

Please note that submitting your book does not mean that it would be accepted. If your book is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18, please highlight this in capital letters before you post the chapter to your book. Hate or discriminatory books are not accepted. If in doubt, simply don’t publish it. All content you publish in this post should be suitable for anyone under the age of 18 to read.

find out how to How to publish and promote a chapter of your book

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How to publish and promote a chapter of your book

Book posts are normally published on my blog on Sundays. If your book matches my requirements, it would be published in my Sunday Snippets category.

So first things first, choose the Sunday you would like your post to be published on. It doesn’t have to be the first available Sunday. It can be a Sunday where you have a book promo or maybe as part of a book tour. Having a calendar helps me manage my blog schedule too.

Once you have chosen a date and time, simply enter all the details requested in the form. You are welcome to publish the first chapter of your book but you are also welcome to publish a really exciting chapter from any of the other pages. Remember, what you are trying to achieve is to pique the reader’s interest enough for them to want to buy your book and read the rest of the story.

If you have any questions or comments or feel you need help with something in particular, do not hesitate to send Segilola Salami an email using her contact form.

If you have found this post on how to publish and promote a chapter of your book useful, please share it with any and all authors you know as they might find it useful too 😀

There is no charge for submitting your book details but I would appreciate it if you bought a slice of cake and a drink for my daughter. It’ll make it up to her for sharing her mother’s attention with her. Please use the drop down menu to choose YES or NO.



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