Character Interview: Life v/s The End: Life’s a gift Live it by Tanumita Das Ray

Today’s character interview is from the Coming Of Age Fiction Life v/s The End: Life’s a gift Live it by Tanumita Das Ray. It is a 136 page book independently published and is available as a paperback (ISBN-13: 978-1070606286) and Kindle eBook (ASIN: B07T2VWZ5W). Both formats were published 16/06/19.

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Synopsis of Life v/s The End: Life’s a gift Live it by Tanumita Das Ray

What would you do if all of a sudden life crashes before your eyes? Would you try to put a full-stop to your life or live it by facing all odds? What would you choose: Life or The End?“Life v/s The End” is the story of Sunaina. She is an aspiring doctor. She has an extraordinary academic record and has a perfect family. She meets the love of her life and her love-life blossoms just like a fairy tale. She feels she is the most fortunate girl in the world. Was she really the lucky girl or was fate planning to teach her the true meaning and purpose of life the hard way?Life is a gift. Ending your life is never an option. This book unfolds the story of how a school girl transforms into a responsible lady and unravels the true meaning of life and relationship, reinventing herself in the process.

About the character interview

Name of character to be interviewed: Sunaina Roy

Why was this character chosen?: Sunaina is the lead character of the story and the story is narrated through her point of view. The story revolves around her life right from being a teenager to a responsible lady. The reader meets Sunaina at the most crucial point of her life from where he/she begins knowing her but, can understand her completely only when her past is revealed to them. Her character evolves with each turn of events that occur in her life ultimately leading to a message that is provided to the readers at the end.

The interview

Who is Sunaina?

Answer: Sunaina is the main protagonist of the novel who narrates the story of her life right from her school life when she aspires to become a doctor to when she turns up to become a successful doctor. Her journey involves hard work, patience, support from her family on one hand as well as romance, heartbreak and depression on the other. She has a strong family to support her in every phase of her life. She is a bright student and is loved by everyone.

What is so special about the character Sunaina?

Answer: She is a simple girl-next-door raised in a middle-class Indian family. The readers can instantly identify themselves with her character. She is the class topper and the school monitor. She falls in love in her high school and is true to her love. She is the best daughter to her parents. She fulfils her ambition of becoming a doctor. Nevertheless, her journey of life isn’t smooth, she has to face several hurdles and at one point of life she even fails in her struggle of life.

How is her character transformed with the course of the story?

Answer: From being a carefree school girl, her character is transformed to a successful doctor, then to a responsible daughter and finally to a strong lady who knows the right value of emotions and responsibilities in life after battling with acute depression.

Who all are related to the main character in Life v/s The End?

Answer: Sunaina’s mom and dad are an integral part of her life. They have been her support system throughout. Her friends in school and college also form a part of the story when her life revolves around Aditya. Aditya is her true love. She has dedicated her life to him. She can’t even think of her life without Aditya. Was she right or was it only an illusion; that’s something the readers need to find out.

What impact does the character have on its readers?

Answer: The readers are taken through the journey of her life where she faces the ups and downs of life, sometimes courageously, sometimes accepting defeat. Depression is very common nowadays. Mental health is as important as maintaining our physical health. The readers are forced to think if it is simply easy to end one’s life after facing failure or should we face life accepting all odds and moving ahead stronger. Does our life only belong to us or should we understand the broader meaning of life and treat life with respect? The story also reveals the strength of the bond between a child and her parents. Basically, it makes us realize the true value of life.


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