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Do you have a story to tell? Do you want to connect with your audience so they understand the benefits to them of the products or services that you offer? Read on, to find out how you can work with Segilola Salami.

Segilola Salami is an experienced lifestyle blogger and content writer. She also offers social media marketing services to help her clients promote their brand to her followers and the brand’s target audience. Please use the booking form below to book any of the services that you need.

Work with Segilola Salami content writing services

Services available for brand collaboration:

  1. One blog post written for you and published on this blog with ONE no-follow link to your website included
  2. One well written and edited blog post that you give provide to be published on this blog that is suitable for all audiences with ONE no-follow link to your website included
  3. ONE no-follow link to your website added to an existing post on this blog
  4. ONE sponsored tweet that you have written posted from the Twitter account @IyaYetunde1 once a day, max 280 characters including #AD. If you need more than one unique tweet posted, please make a new booking for each tweet.
  5. BONUS offer: ONE blog post written for you, including one no-follow link to your website, your Twitter account tagged you in 50 tweets over a 30 day period, one pin to a board on Segilola Salami’s Pinterest account AND an interview with you on the podcast The Segilola Salami Show.

If you need to gift Segilola Salami a sample of your product to review on this blog, please send a contact form email.

If you would like to find out more about Segilola Salami’s Twitter statistics and what her tweets are worth, please click here. Her Twitter handle is @IyaYetunde1.

Content writing and design services:

  • One Press Release written for you, maximum 500 words
  • One Press Release Distributed for you in the UK
  • One Press Release Distributed for you internationally (recommended)
  • One Press Release Distributed for you via the Associated Press (AP) (best value)
  • One general or lifestyle blog post written for you that has been optimised for search engines
  • One simple WordPress website with a maximum of 5 pages designed for you (content for each page provided by you)
  • Up to 5 pages of copy written for you for a general website that has been optimised for search engines
  • One website Logo and website Icon designed for you with two colours only
  • Marketing plan written for your business

After payment has been made by you, you will be transferred to the onboarding page where you can enter even more information about your requirements. When you book any of these services, you can be rest assured that Segilola Salami will work with you to deliver the service you need. Check out some testimonials here.

Segilola Salami’s core values are: Reliability, Empathy and Commitment

Medical, Healthcare and Wellness Content

Segilola Salami offers the following science-related writing services on a 3-month minimum-term contract:

  • 1 blog post optimised for search engines, max 1000 words once a week. You provide the title of the blog post and the keyphrase you want the post optimised for – £1500 per month
  • 3 blog posts optimised for search engines, max 1000 words once a week. You provide the title of the blog post and the keyphrase you want the post optimised for – £4200 per month
  • 5 blog posts optimised for search engines, max 1000 words once a week. You provide the title of the blog post and the keyphrase you want the post optimised for – £6500 per month

Each month’s fee is paid 100% in advance. To book any of these writing services, please email Also include in your email as much information about your requirements as possible. For an additional fee, keyword research can be conducted. Do not use the booking form below.

IF the service you need is not listed on this page but you have other content writing or online marketing needs, please email with further details of your requirements.



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Terms and conditions

  1. When using the calendar, please select your deadline for the work to be completed as the booking date. Please allow at least 10 days from the date you make the booking for your work to be completed.
  2. Your work will be completed based on the information you include in the booking form. So it is important that you provide as much information as possible about the services you need. If necessary, after booking the service you need, please email with further information including any relevant pictures or samples to help her understand your needs.
  3. By using Segilola Salami’s service you agree that you have your own appropriate personal or business insurance and fully indemnify Segilola Salami or anyone that works with her for the services rendered and or any losses, omissions or delays in anyway caused to you
  1. Each booking is for ONE tweet to be posted once a day via my Twitter account @IyaYetunde1. For instance, if you choose the 10 sponsored tweet service, I will post one tweet that you provide ONCE A DAY for ten days.
  2. If you need me to promote different tweets, then you need to make a new booking for each individual tweet.
Press Release
  1. Please note that having your press release written is no guarantee that any journalist will publish your story. A press release is a form of communication that helps journalists decide whether or not they wish to cover your story
  2. A well written press release that is not newsworthy is unlikely to get any media coverage. An averagely written press release that is newsworthy is more likely to get some media coverage
  3. Please click here for more information about my press release distribution service.
  4. If you use my services to write your press release or distribute your press release, I do not offer any guarantee that your story will be published by any journalist
Website Design
  1. You need to provide clear instructions about what you need each page of your website to look like
  2. I recommend you include the link to one simple website that you like the layout of. The website that is designed for you will have a similar layout
  3. You need to provide the content that you will go on each page of your website. This includes text and images
  4. It is recommended that a website has a website logo and a website icon. You need to provide these
  5. This service does not include domain name registration. Let me know if you need me to register your domain name on your behalf. You will need to pay for this.
  6. If needed, I can offer you one year initial free website hosting. This will need to be paid for on a yearly basis in advance, 1 month before the free offer expires.
  7. Once your website is completed, you are welcome to provide feedback in case I missed something from your instructions. Only one round of edits is included in the package. Anything not included in your booking form or subsequent email immediately after you booked my service will not be actioned
Website Logo Design
  1. Please send me the colour codes for each colour you want. This way, I can match the exact shade of each colour. If you do not know the colour codes for the colours you want, please visit this website for further information.
Write a marketing plan
  1. Have ONE clear goal of what you want to achieve and by WHEN
  2. Tell me about the product or services you offer. What is UNIQUE about your brand? Why should anyone patronise you over your competition? Focus on: WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY
  3. With these information, I can draw up a marketing plan for you using a SWOT analysis as the foundation


These terms and conditions are in addition to my website terms and conditions and they form a part of our working agreement.



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