Author David F Gray: How To Write A Horror Story part 2 + Giveaway to win one of David’s books

Author David F Gray is today’s guest on The Segilola Salami Show. David is back in the virtual cafe and we have a lovely conversation catching up since his last appearance in 2018. David also shares with us more tips on how to write a horror story. I assure you, you need to click play now to listen to this most intriguing conversation with David F Gray. Also, scroll down this page for more details about how to win a copy of one of David’s books in the giveaway below. The giveaway widget is only available on my blog, so please click here to go to my blog if you are reading this on another website.

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About Author David F Gray

author david f gray giveaway blog podcast bannerDavid F. Gray is an award winning television producer and director although his first love has always
been writing. He wrote his first short story at age 10 based on the television show Lost In Space and
featuring his boyhood crush, Penny Robinson. Three years later he abandoned poor Penny in favor of the
more worldly Judy.

He is older and heavier than he would like to be and possesses a sense of humor that has gotten him into
trouble on more than one occasion. Contrary to the opinions of his friends and his two adult offspring, he
is NOT insane. He is currently working on his second horror novel, The Vegas Rift, as well as a handful
of short stories. He and Heidi, his wife of thirty four years, live happily in Sulphur Springs, Florida, an
older Tampa neighborhood where rumors of ghosts are common.

Giveaway by David F Gray

David is offering one listener of this podcast the chance to win one of three signed paperback copies of his horror novel Gamble’s Run. You can find out more info about Gambles’s Run on Amazon clicking clicking here.
David F Gray Giveaway

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