How To Make Quicksand With Your Preschool Child + Giveaway worth £164

I just received a recipe by Barracudas Activity Day Camps How To Make Quicksand With Your Preschool Child and had to share it on my blog. My little human attends nursery school part time so that we can spend time together doing mother-daughter things and this recipe is perfect for one of the days she’s not at nursery. It makes a nice change from all our baking and there’s also a giveaway, so read to the end of the post. Without much ado, here’s the recipe:

How To Make Quicksand With Your Preschool Child by Barracudas Activity Day Camps

1 x cup of cornflour
Food colouring of your choice
2 x cups of water
Something to sink! – a washer/button/marbles (different sizes – you may need to visit the art room for some of these!)



1) Mix the cornflour, water and food colouring together in the bowl.

2) When it is at the right consistency, it will feel fairly solid in a closed hand, but when you open your fingers it will seep through.

3) To test the quick sand, pour it into the clear plastic pint cup. Put your sinker on top and push lightly around the object and it should sink to the bottom.

blog post recipe how to make quicksand with your preschool child at home

VIDEO TUTORIAL How To Make Quicksand With Your Preschool Child

Please note that this recipe is actually to make something called oobleck. Barracudas calls it quicksand because they felt that the really young children in their classes may be better able to relate to quicksand than oobleck. Heck as an adult myself, I didn’t even know what oobleck is. This recipe offers a great learning opportunity for you and your children as it enables you to explain the different states of things and how somethings do not always follow the basic principles. In this case, oobleck!


This recipe by Barracudas Activity Day Camps How To Make Quicksand With Your Preschool Child is one of the activities undertaken in their LAB RATS Skills Builder course. Whilst my own child is a preschool child, the LAB RATS course is suitable for children ages 4½ – 8 Years.

This is what Barracudas has to say about their LAB RATS course:

“Whether it’s making foaming volcanoes, growing crystals or creating bouncy balls, our Lab Rats children love this FUN scientific course! There are two courses which will run consecutively throughout the camp season with 5 structured sessions full of wacky experiments to capture and stretch their imaginations throughout the week! It’s educational, but most of all, because it’s Barracudas, it’s FUN! (Max 8 children per group)”


Barracudas Activity Day Camps is a family owned company offering outstanding Easter clubs and summer clubs in the UK to keep children entertained in the school holidays. With over 80 activities on offer, Kids love their multi-activity camps especially as their programmes have been developed over 25 years. Trusted by parents, Barracudas cares for more children at their Easter camps and Summer camps than any other operator.

They run high quality Ofsted inspected activity day camps for children and young people aged 4 ½ – 14 years. So if you have children within this age range, you should consider sending your kids to one of their camps. Click here to find your nearest Barracudas Activity Day Camp.



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Barracudas giveaway June 2019


*Please note that whilst this is a collaborative post with Barracudas Activity Day Camps, I will not earn any income if you do book a slot for your child at any of their camps.

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