Michael J Black: Happy Endings And A New Beginning + win a £30 Amazon giftcard

Michael J Black is today’s guest on The Segilola Salami Show podcast. Michael shares with us snippets from his life from being abused sexually as a child to being diagnosed with AIDs and how they led to him writing his self-help book Happy Endings and a New Beginning. I assure you, you need to click play now to listen to this most intriguing conversation with Michael J Black. There’s also a giveaway to win a £30 Amazon giftcard, so scroll down this page for more info.

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About Michael J Black

Aspiring to share his passion for life through writing, Michael Black reveals
intimate details of his lifelong journey through the pages of his new tell-all book,
“Happy Endings and a New Beginning.” out now. Michael was born in Southern
California and grew up with a lot of family around him. At eight years of age,
his family moved to Northern California to a small town a couple of hours from
the Oregon border. He lived there with his mother, brother and new step-dad in
a small town with small town values.

Unfortunately those small town values did not attach themselves to every person
that Michael encountered. As such, Michael now speaks openly of the many
years he endured sexual abuse by several different pedophiles, along with his
sexual orientation and the struggles that illuminated because of his choices. He
struggled to live two separate lives as he had been raised in a home and church
where homosexuality was looked down upon but still tried to live his own truth.

In order to cope with the mass confusion festering in his young mind, Michael
casually began using street drugs, which led him to a fourteen year affair with
those same drugs and more. It darkened his life path. At age 33, Michael’s
high-life partying came to an abrupt end, leaving him hospitalized and sober. He
began looking to his Higher Power to sort out his life that was in a state of
ruin. Now, years later, His light shines as Michael shares his personal journey
of mayhem over the years, how he met and fell in love with his wife and gives
each one of us hope for a better tomorrow.

“My hope and prayer for this book is by highlighting my own choices, others might become a little cognizant of their own…..choices that is. I encourage others to think before acting. I am a work in progress” – Michael J Black

Giveaway by Michael J Black

Giveaway by Michael J Black to win a £30 Amazon gift voucher

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Michael J Black £30 Amazon giveaway


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