Book launch: Useless Warrior Princess, fantasy children’s book by Segilola Salami

On the 1st of January 2017, I had so many plans of what I would do this year then life got in the way. Despite that, I am so pleased to announce the release of the first book I have written this year called Useless Warrior Princess.

Useless Warrior Princess, fantasy children's book by Segilola Salami


What is Useless Warrior Princess about?

‘Useless Warrior Princess’ is an illustrated fantasy children’s book, teaching children about courage and sacrifice.

It follows Princess Jade who joined the Warrior Training Academy in the land of dreams, to train to become a warrior to protect the realm of dreamland. However, when she couldn’t cast any spells, everyone called her a ‘Useless Warrior Princess’. Did she accept that she was useless?

Order your copy now to find out how Princess Jade got her name changed from ‘Useless Warrior Princess’ to ‘Master Warrior Princess’ using nothing more than courage and sacrifice.


What do others have to say about the book?

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