Submit your book details

Submit your book details

Are you an author? Do you write books that are children or family friendly?

Or did you come across a children’s or family friendly book that you highly recommend?

If so, feel free to submit your book details on this website using the form below.

All I ask in return is that you subscribe to my YouTube channel and share one page of this website.

What are the benefits to the author if you submit your book details?
  1. I write children’s books too, so visitors to my website are the right audience for the book
  2. Even though my website was launched at the end of January 2016, as of November 11, 2016, my blog feed had well over 13,000 subscribers
  3. All posts to my blog are automatically syndicated to my twitter and facebook pages as well as the Mumsnet Blogger Network
  4. So ultimately, the author is gaining relevant exposure for his/her book

What I cannot guarantee is the amount (if any) of sales that this would lead to. That is all down to the quality of the book.

All fields below are mandatory.

The first two fields refers to the person filling out the form. Please put book submission and name of book in the subject field.

For post title, you can either put:

  • name of book and author name eg Yetunde: An Ode to My Mother by Segilola Salami OR
  • attention grabbing title eg Check out this AMAZING book for all the family Yetunde: An Ode to My Mother by Segilola Salami

Please bear in mind the character restrictions of twitter. Ask yourself how you want the book to be presented on twitter.

For post content, follow this format:

  1. name of book and author’s name
  2. these exact words “This post was submitted by [insert YOUR NAME]”
  3. book blurb
  4. the reason you recommend this book to my followers
  5. link to book on Amazon US and Amazon UK
  6. about the author
  7. full URL to author’s profile if on twitter

Once you click submit, the book’s details will be added to my blog feed immediately. Click on blog at the top of this page to go to my blog homepage. Your book with the post title you used should be listed there.

Sometimes, it may take up to 24 hours for the actual post to show on my blog page. If so, you may either check back tomorrow or subscribe to my blog (see top left hand corner of this page) to get notified immediately it is live.

Please note that once you click submit, you are not able to go back to make changes to your post. So please please spell check and grammar check before you do so. When you click submit, it means you are happy with the content you have provided.

DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR BOOK DETAILS MORE THAN ONCE. I will delete all posts if you do! If you make a mistake, click contact at the top of this page and get in touch. Tasking as it is, I will endeavour to make any relevant changes for you 😉

I highly recommend subscribing to my blog so that you can get notified when other authors post their book details. This way we all support each other!

Once your book is live, I recommend that you leave a comment with a short review of your book and the link to where the full review is. For instance, if a blogger wrote a glowing review of the book, copy the first few sentences of the review into the comment and put the link to the review.

In promoting my own books, I hated having to register with lots of sites just to submit my books’ details. So I have done this form without the need for registration. You don’t even need to register to leave a comment, you can simply use your Facebook account.

If you encounter any problems using the form below, get in touch by clicking contact above.

There are no fees payable to submit your book details but I do love a bowl mug of hot chocolate, if you would like to support my habit 😉

Hot chocolate and cake for Segilola and her little girl

Submit your book details support my chocolate habit segilola salami

Please note that I reserve the right to edit or delete any posts without explanation or notice!

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PS I have a small mailing list of people who are willing to review books by indie authors. If you would like to join the list, please do so here. If you are an indie author and would like people in the list informed about your book:

  1. You have to join the list
  2. You have to review other authors’ books from email requests I send
  3. Get in touch by clicking contact above to send me a message with where you posted a review and details of your book you need a review for.

Please note that I send the email request out to people who have joined the mailing list. So they will review your book if it interests them and they are available. I make no guarantees!

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