Downloadable illustrations for children

Downloadable illustrations for children

Hi all,

Welcome to the new regular section filled with downloadable illustrations for children.

My name is Silvie and I’m a book blogger at, but I am also taking my first steps in making illustrations.

As Segilola Salami is a children’s book author, I feel this is a perfect place to publish some of my downloadable illustrations for children. I’ll publish new illustrations on a weekly basis, every Wednesday, for different age grades.

This week starts with color by number and mazes, suitable for kids in preschool and the first two grades.

Color by number drawings – At the bottom of each color by number illustration, there are numbers that are in colored circles. Other parts of the drawings have numbers on them. Each illustration is completed by coloring the numbers corresponding to different colors. For instance, in the first illustration below of the fish bowl, the figure 1 has an orange color, so the image (fish) needs to be colored in orange.

In the maze, children should start where the animal is, and find the right path in order to get their price at the other end of the maze without getting trapped. Once the correct path has been found, the path can then be colored in.

To view a larger image of each illustration, simply click on the illustration.

To download and print an illustration, right click on the illustration, choose save image as. A new window opens with the locations of where you want to save illustration to. Choose your desired located and click save. Once it is saved, open the illustration from the location you saved it to and you can print it from there.

Have fun!

Fish Tank - Downloadable illustrations for children



Turtle - Downloadable illustrations for children


Cat Maze - Downloadable illustrations for children    Rabbit Maze - Downloadable illustrations for children

Please send in a picture with your colored in illustrations to our Facebook page or leave a comment below. Do you have a suggestion for next week’s downloadable illustrations for children?

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