Want To Design A Meeting Room? Here Are Some Awesome Décor Ideas

The other day, I wrote about my home office wishlist. Since that post, I have been thinking of how to convert my very plain living room into a chic living space that’s great for my toddler to play but also a great entertaining space for me (in my dreams). I also need my living room to be suitable for me to work in. However, interior design has never been my thing. My dilemma lately has been how do I get some awesome decor ideas that achieve all these?

Before having my daughter, my flat was like a storage place. Somewhere to go get my mail before jetting off to another town for work. Because of this, I never took stock of what my flat looked like let alone consider decor ideas. It’s amazing how becoming a parent changes everything about your life.

Anyhoos, it was a pure coincidence when I was given an article on decor ideas for meeting rooms. I’m sharing the article with you because you may take away something from it. I know I did . . .

Want To Design A Meeting Room? Here Are Some Awesome Décor Ideas


Do you want to design your office’s meeting room or conference room in an inspiring, unique and uplifting way? Here are some excellent décor ideas for your meeting room.

The meeting room or conference room of your office is the one space where ideas will be exchanged, and business deals will be finalized. This space needs to have a positive, vibrant and motivating vibe and feel to it. Such a vibe will motivate your clients to interact more and will also increase the chances of them closing deals with your organization. Today we will discuss some simple and easy to incorporate décor ideas that can change the face and vibe of your conference room.


  • Take Into Consideration The Needs Of Your Clients

A conference room must be spacious and roomy. Every individual present there should get enough elbowroom for him or her to work freely. While keeping in mind space, you also need to take into consideration the number of clients or employees you will have present in the conference room at a time. Once you have a rough estimate of the numbers, you need to install a table in the room that will fit these numbers as well as chairs that are adjustable and comfortable. Keep in mind that the table should be proportionate to the size of the room so that the room does not look congested and neither does it look overly spacious.


  • Select A Table That With An Appropriate Configuration

There are a variety of available conference room tables on the market. Ranging from the U shaped table, circular tables, oval tables, rectangular tables and various others, there is something available for every requirement. While a U shaped table is most suitable for conference rooms that usually have a head speaker interacting with the other members present, a circular table is ideal for those spaces where each present member is equally contributive to the meeting and so on. Thus, take into consideration your needs and requirements and then invest in a table in accordance.


  • Select A Room With Minimum Distractions

A conference room is a space where ideas are exchanged, business deals are finalized, and important decisions are made. Thus, the room should be such where distractions are minimized. If your room faces a construction site or is close to the entrance of the office, distractions will be tremendous. On the other hand, if the conference room is in one corner of the office where the number of incoming and outgoing people are minimum, distractions will be a lot less. Another thing that you may want to consider when redoing or setting up your conference room is getting it soundproofed so that no noise from the outside interrupts your meetings.


  • Install Artificial Plants In Your Conference Room

Artificial plants or a small amount of landscaping in the conference room can prove to be highly inspiring and motivating. There are some artificial plants or silk plants that look exceptionally realistic and have lush green and vibrant leaves. The colour green has been psychologically proven to make people more creative. Further, these faux plants are very visually pleasing and can create a calming vibe in the surroundings that they are installed in. So you can probably place the artificial plants in the corners of the conference room or even place on a small plant in the centre of the table and make the room vibrant and beautiful.


  • Ensure The Lighting Is Appropriate

The lighting plays a very crucial role in a conference room. You want to ensure that your conference room has appropriate lights. The lights should not be excessively bright and hurt the eyes, and at the same time, they should not be too dim and dull. Further, the bulbs you use shouldn’t emit excessive heat, and overhead lighting must be at the minimum. Another thing you need to take into consideration while installing the lights is that they should complement the colour of the wall paint. Installing blinds and shades in rooms that have a great inflow of natural light can also be extremely helpful.


  • Make Amenities Easily Accessible

Often important meetings can go on for long periods of time. It is necessary that your clients or the participants present at the meeting be well hydrated. Installing a small refrigerator in the conference room will make it easy for the participants to reach out and grab bottles of water or other beverages as and when they need one. Further tea and coffee should be served liberally in the conference room. Keeping trash cans in the conference room will also be useful so that the members present can dispose of their trash when exiting from the meeting.


  • Add An Appropriate Screen and Wall Decor

Another thing that you need to ensure when setting up your conference room is that you need to install a projector screen or a television screen that fits your needs and requirements. If you need to show slideshows and presentations a projector screen would be more appropriate whereas if you need to present videos and documentaries, then it is more beneficial for you to install a plasma or a flat screen television. The size of the screen you install should be large enough for all the viewers to see it properly. You can also try decorative wall panels behind this big screen. Further, the sound system in the conference room should be very clear and audible. So you need to invest in a good set of speakers or an amazing surround sound system so that all the participants can hear clearly.


These steps mentioned above are a great way to ensure that your conference room is motivating and idealistic. Setting up your conference room in an appropriate way will get you most productive and useful results. A well-designed conference room with beautiful and inspiring interiors is just what you need to push your employees to work harder and impress your clients. So, get out there and find the perfect lighting, ideal television or projection screen, comfortable chairs and perfect table and set up the conference room you have always dreamed of having.



Do you have any decor ideas you think I should consider? What did you think about those in this article? Please leave a comment below

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