Teen Author Shanti Hershenson is interviewed by a 7-year-old podcaster

Teen author Shanti Hershenson is interviewed by a 7-year-old podcaster in this episode of The Segilola Salami Show podcast.  Shanti Hershenson answers some very interesting questions about her likes and dislikes. I assure you, you need to click play now to listen to this episode that’s filled with laughter and cheer.

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About Author Shanti Hershenson

profile picture of Author Shanti Hershenson on the segilola salami show podcast author interviewHello everyone, I’m Shanti Hershenson, a teen author living in California, the United States. Since I was twelve years old, I have been writing constantly.

I have written approximately a dozen books and have 7 published on Amazon and several other online retailers.

Some of my books include: Biome Lock, the first novel in a completed alien invasion dystopian series, The Chronicles of Ziel DeLaine, a series of novellas with 2 books currently out (the third one coming soon), and You Won’t Know Her Name, a haunting novel told in poetry that tackles the tough topic of bullying in middle school.

My Twitter handle is @ShantiHersh, please connect with me.

About The Segilola Salami Show

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2 thoughts on “Teen Author Shanti Hershenson is interviewed by a 7-year-old podcaster

  • Teen Author Shanti Hershenson is interviewed by a 7-year-old American Boy on the subject of her new book: “Catch Me When You Fall” — (Kind to be ebook.)
    7 Year old Jake P., is interviewed about his favorite series of books from the list titled (Kind to be ebook.) He asks her — What are you writing?
    Shanti Hershenson speaks to a child in regards to her latest release — Catch Me When You Fall, which tells you, stories you can relate to, and are relatable. She shares what a great gift it was for both them and readers alike; and what they plan to do next in order to get the word out about their upcoming book: The book talks about teen girls who run away from home with no plans of coming back with their dad around. This is their first ever meeting about it, but soon they begin planning their escape together. So how does Shanti’s story take place in such an interesting time; in 2012? The answer is… it all happened so long ago? In fact this book could have taken place any decade: —…

  • Teen author Shanti Hershenson has been named as one of the ‘Top 50’ greatest authors under 15, writes Emma Wood. The article, which features an interview with Shanti for Guardian Unlimited, was written following her win at UK bookseller JK’s Inspire Youth Read 2018 event. Her books have been featured in USA Today, Cosmopolitan and The Fader magazines. She is also known as one of Kids Online’s Top 20 Young Adult Authors of 2017. Shanti has been mentored by Stephen Chbosky (of High School) as well JK Rowling (of Harry Potter) on how to tackle publishing her first novel, and received advice from other bestselling children’s writers including Jill Ker Conway, Jennifer Keesmaat, Susan Johnson Green, Beth Revis White and Amanda Hocking. In this UK based interview with an extremely well-spoken teenage author, all of those points have been brought up. When asked about the best part about writing, Shanti gives the response: “I find doing it makes me feel grown up, I feel like, ‘You can do anything if you just keep going. Everything takes time. You’re not doing something forever….
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