Here is my new year home office wishlist

We are 15 days into 2018 and I feel like I need to hold myself more accountable. Last year, I was nowhere near as productive as I would have liked but lots of other things went on in my personal life. For instance, we moved house towards the end of the first quarter of 2017. If you have ever moved house as an adult, you know how you end up living out of boxes for ages and ages. 9 months later and we have settled into our new home by about 80%. My home office space has been left (amongst a few other things) to last. I think the lack of a place to take time out of my mummy duties and blitz through anything I need, has probably contributed to the slag in my writing.

That said, working from home as a parent is not as easy as having your own space when your child is a toddler. There is no sacred space at home. What I feel I need is a way to convert my living room into a work from home living room. Does that even make sense? Well, here’s my wishlist and hopefully, it’ll explain better the type of living room home office I think I would like.


My new year home office wishlist


new year home office wishlistAs a parent to a 3 year old, it is almost impossible to have time to myself when my toddler is awake. If I ever want to do any writing when my daughter is awake, I need something that can cater to both of us and this Regio armchair looks perfect. I can easily put my laptop down for 5 minutes of mother-daughter bonding. As someone who gets the occasional back pain, I love the reclining function as I can recline the seat to suit my back. I think a comfy looking sofa would help the creative processes (for me anyway) when writing my next fiction novel.




Here is my new year home office wishlist This may come as a surprise to you but as a parent, this is essential for me. When my daughter was a baby, many a time, I did my writing when she was sleeping next to me. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it) I don’t have the physical energy to burn the midnight candle writing all night like I used to. So it is important for me to have a way to have a slumber party with my daughter in our living room (especially on the weekends) and still be able to do my own work. I need to savour those moments where my daughter still loves my company. I’m trying not to think about what will happen when she starts primary school and it’s no longer cool to spend every moment with me (sob sob). Anyhoos, that’s where the Regio 3 seat sofa bed comes in. It looks sturdy enough for the both of us and I can multi-task, working on my laptop and watching the latest TV favourite for toddlers with my daughter. When my creative juices run dry for the night, I can simply put my laptop down and visit the land of dreams. There won’t be any need to risk waking my daughter up and getting her to bed.


3) Bespoke storage units

ikea home office furniture storage unitIn the UK, most home furniture (including home office furniture) are delivered flat pack, requiring self-assembly. The fact that they are self-assembly is not the worst thing. The worst thing to me is that ALL the product pictures look good but sometimes, the quality of the material is less than expected. Unfortunately, it would be difficult to get a full refund as the retailer would claim that you have assembled the product.

It is for this reason that budget permitting, I would love to get something made to order. This way, the retailer takes responsibility for the quality of the assembly and if I ask for good quality wood and end up with plywood, the retailer has a duty to sort it out. For me, the ideal storage unit is one that I can put my wireless printer on, my label printer (yes, I like to print out labels and not handwrite them), my array of stationery products (from ink cartridges to paper to pens etc etc). The icing on the cake for me is if it can also store my daughter’s toys too.

This picture is from a flat pack one by Ikea to give you an idea of what I mean.



So there you have it, my new year living room home office wishlist. What’s in your home office? Do you have any products you would recommend to me? Please leave a comment below.

PS: The post has been written in collaboration with Should you buy anything from them, I won’t get paid a penny. The products I chose are actual products that I am interested in myself and would likely have gotten if I had the budget. But as the products are outside of my budget right now, they are on my wishlist and who knows, maybe a home office brand would see this post and send me some furniture to review (my not too subtle hint to Glossy Home. Honestly, their furniture looks really lush).

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