Do your hands need a bit of TLC? Nail Care 101 for busy Mums

Do your hands need a bit of TLC? Nail Care 101 for busy Mums

The last few weeks have been one of the busiest and most stressful times of my life. There’s been a lot of lows and highs. One of the most exciting highs was that we’ve moved to a much bigger flat with more space for my toddler to run around in.

One day after we moved houses, I looked at the sole of my feet as there was a slight pain on standing and realised that I had claws and calluses like a cavewoman. Thankfully I had a large file, so was able to file down the calluses a bit. What this did was remind me that as the craziness of life took over, I hadn’t taken¬†a single moment to care for myself.

Before I take myself to the nail saloon for a well deserved treat, here are some handy tips I thought to share with you on how to care for your nails too. I wouldn’t want you to end up with claws like me ūüėÄ

Nail Care 101 for busy Mums

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Polish and File

Keeping your nails neat and tidy is something you can do daily, here are some tips:

  • When cleaning or washing up wear rubber gloves.
  • Always have a nail file handy for those annoying chips in your nails.
  • Investing in an all-in- one nail cleaner can save so much time and it comes with a nail file too!
  • Moisturise after washing your hands to keep away that dry skin.

These are some simple daily routines you can easily incorporate into your daily¬†lifestyle ‚Äď making nail care easy.


Nail Colour

If you have all the time in the world adding a base coat and seal is the ideal situation but as a busy woman sometimes you just need to be quick. Gel based nail varnish is fantastic and comes in a variety of colours. Choosing a colour can be time consuming but if you have time to arrange your outfit the night before you can easily prepare, ensuring your colour choice matches your attire.

Sometimes it‚Äôs nice to go a little out there with your colour choice, such as using¬†patterns or letting your little one choose your nail design! Ellison’s latest ebook ‚ÄėA¬†Touch of Luxury‚Äô has some inspiring ideas to help you find the perfect nail art design¬†for the occasion.

Nail Care 101 for busy Mums

stock picture provided by Ellison’s


One thing that can make your hands look tired is dry or cracked skin, so investing in a good moisturiser is a must do. There is no definitive answer as to which moisturiser is right for you in fact it’s a matter of opinion or of what works well for you.

When should you moisturise? Applying cream after you have washed your hands is a good way to stop dry skin, as well as moisturising when in the sun or after being in the cold weather.



So mums, what are your thoughts on this article “Nail Care 101 for busy Mums”? How do you take care of your hands and nails? Please leave a comment¬†below

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