Readers’ Favourite review of Abiku: A Battle Of Gods

Readers’ Favourite review of Abiku: A Battle Of Gods

If per chance you follow my blog regularly, you may remember that I wrote a steamy paranormal romance last year called Abiku: A Battle Of Gods under the pen name Elizabeth Salawu.

Well . . . this year, Abiku has been reviewed by the good folks at Readers’ Favourite and I was so excited about the review, I had to share it with you.

Readers' Favourite review of Abiku: A Battle Of Gods

The review

Reviewed by Melanie Moon for Readers’ Favorite

Abiku: A Battle of Gods by Elizabeth Salawu is a unique “erotic” paranormal romance set primarily in Nigeria. The protagonist, Ekundayo (Dayo) is of a blended heritage (Nigerian and German) and labeled an Abiku (witch or one born to die) due to not only this, but a particular mark of birth. Apparently, she’s revered as one of the most beautiful Nigerians because she doesn’t look Nigerian. Many girls are envious of her lighter complexion and longer hair and she earns the title ogbanje (a water spirit) because of this unnatural beauty. Throughout the book, this aspect of Dayo is made quite clear.

Abiku is a telling of Dayo’s story to discover her true self. Through numerous graphic sexual encounters and some experimental drug use, she finds herself in an alternate reality. Once discovering this “world” and the intriguing man, Akin, who inhabits it, she continues using the gbana (cocaine) to relive the experience. She’s drawn to Akin’s masculinity and fears it all at once. However, her sexual desire for him outweighs her trepidation, and with great alacrity, she agrees to become his mate and they consummate that bond quickly. Although she has another lover in the “real” world, Henry (a driver for her family), her lust and unnatural urging for Akin consumes her. During the consummation of their marriage, she understands why she’s drawn to him and also discovers the love she has for Henry.

Abiku: A Battle of Gods by Elizabeth Salawu was an interesting story, introducing African gods and mythologies that I’ve studied in the past. The use of ‘Pidgin’ English was also a nice touch. Although the title includes, “A Battle of Gods,” there isn’t truly a battle; not a physical one. The true battle is within, and Dayo’s choices and future aren’t certain at the book’s end. Overall, an entertaining short read.


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