Read Abiku: A Battle of Gods? Checkout this movie on Sango and Ogun

If you just stumbled on this post and don’t know anything about me, last year, I wrote a steamy paranormal romance novella called Abiku: A Battle of Gods under the pen name Elizabeth Salawu. So as not to bore you, you can find out more about the book here and get your copy. After reading it, come back to this post as I talk about several scenes from the book.

read abiku: a battle of gods? this yoruba movie on sango and ogun is for you

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Spoiler Alert from scenes from Abiku: A Battle of Gods

If you are reading beyond this point, it means you have read the book already or you don’t mind getting spoilers.

Now we are on the same page, do you remember from the book, towards the ending, when there was the showdown between Sango and Ogun? Then it turned out that Sango and Ogun were not the original Orisas but their children. Do you also remember that the real Sango came to the battle scene with his three wives Oba, Osun and Oya?


Well according to Yoruba mythology, Sango stole Oya from Ogun and there are several variations to the story as to how Sango stole Oya from Ogun.

I stumbled on this movie which showed one version of how Sango stole Oya. Now it is in Yoruba but it is subtitled, so you should still be able to enjoy it. Whilst the quality is no where near Hollywood A list movies, I still found it enjoyable to watch. If anything, if I had the budget, I can definitely see myself making my books into a 4DX cinematic experience.

Anyhoos, happy viewing!

Ose Sango (Sango’s Sword): A Yoruba movie on Sango and Ogun

If you did watch the movie from the beginning to the end, you would have noticed scenes where people were being shot but came to no harm. Well for starts, Ogun is the Orisa of war and metal, so technically, no metal can harm him (and ??? consequently his followers?)

It is also said that there are herbs that the juices from once absorbed into the body via incisions can prevent a person from being harmed by guns. Don’t ask me who said or to provide you with peer reviewed articles. It’s just something that I have heard of by virtue of being Nigerian hehehe

If you watched (or skipped) to the last scene, can you see the point to all my books?


So, what are you thoughts about this Yoruba movie about Sango and Ogun? Hope you enjoyed watching it? Please leave a comment below

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