Here’s my plan for Abiku: Mortal Combat

It’s been over a year now since I released my first paranormal romance novella called Abiku: A Battle of Gods as Elizabeth Salawu. It definitely was an experience like no other writing it. A few weeks ago, I realised that this year was fast coming to an end and I hadn’t written any books (thanks motherhood:D) so I needed to change that ASAP.

The first book I wrote this year was children’s book ‘Useless Warrior Princess’ and I scheduled the sequel Abiku: Mortal Combat for release in December 2017. It’s the first of November 2017 and I haven’t written a word on Abiku: Mortal Combat.

Amazon will ban me from making books available for pre-order if I don’t get this book completed and edited by the 10th of December 2017. No pressure eh?!

Here's my plan for Abiku: Mortal Combat by elizabeth salawu

Questions from Abiku: A Battle of Gods

At the end of Abiku: A Battle of Gods, there were a number of characters introduced who are going to be key players in the new book. There were also a number of unanswered questions.

If you haven’t read Abiku: A Battle of Gods, I recommend you click here to buy a copy on Amazon so you can read it before reading the rest of this post. There may be spoilers ehehehe. The main characters in this book wereDayo, Henry and Akin, typical love triangle.

Dayo is the girl both ‘men’ are interested in. We found out that when Dayo’s mother was pregnant, Dayo’s spirit was removed from her mother’s womb and her womb was inhabited by an abiku spirit. The daughter of Orisa Osun (Ina) saw when this was happening, removed the abiku spirit and entered the womb herself because she was not powerful enough to bring back the baby’s spirit from the void that it was in. The abiku spirits attacked Ina when she was entering the woman’s body, so she couldn’t remember who she truly was when she was born.

At the end of Abiku: A Battle of Gods, Ina find’s out that her name is not Dayo but Ina.

Henry thought Ina who possessed Dayo’s body was Dayo and didn’t know Ina.

Will Henry still love ‘Dayo’ when the real Dayo’s spirit re-enters the body?

Will Ina accept her punishment or choose to go on exile and be shunned by all her kind?

What was it about Henry, a driver, that made Dayo’s parents consent to a marriage between him and their only child?

How did a shifter get to live in the land of spirits and Orisas instead of with her own kind?

Have you read the book? Did I miss any questions you had? Please drop me a line below or via email


Initial plans for Abiku: Mortal Combat

I’m thinking that Ina should accept her punishment. In fact, Ina has. been quite loudly telling me this. However, Ina hasn’t told me if she wants to be born in the future or in the past.

This is what the future would look like:

A good few hundred years from now . . . there’s been another world war and the countries in Europe, North and South America and Asia have more or less destroyed their lands with nuclear bombs.

This sees the West and China trying to re-colonise Africa again.

All the Obas in Yorubaland agreed to unite as one with the Alaafin of Oya as the true Oba. As part of their unity and the foresight of the Oba who initiated the unity, the Yorubas reconnected with the earth and gave up the new gods. They went back to the old gods to help them protect their lands. As a result, no one can go to any Yorubaland by water with the sole intention of causing harm. Yemoja would sink their vessels. Sango used his Ose (staff) and cast a forcefield around every Yoruba settlement. No bomb can penetrate the forcefield.

The ability to control the elements gradually became accepted in Yorubaland.


Ina hasn’t yet decided if she wants to be born and raised in Europe, born and raised in Nigeria or born in one place and raised in the other.

If Ina is born in the future . . . (wherever that may be)

She tells me that as a child, when she was talking to people that only she can see and no one else could, her parents/guardians thought she was schizophrenic and gave her meds. As she got older, she stopped telling people that she could see others that no one else can or she simply stopped seeing the ‘people no one else but her could’

Her punishment was that she was to be born deformed but Iya Ina and Dayo’s grandma did something to counteract Sango’s decree a bit.

Ina would be born fully abled but her eyeballs are completely white and scary to look at. She doesn’t see the world the way normal folks do. She uses a lot of echo location to move about and see the world.

As a teenager, Ina finally accepts that she can see people that no one else can after she has a dream, a dream that felt very real, and saw the most handsome man with gold in his eyes.


A small voice from Ina also whispers that she wants to be born in the past but she hasn’t told me the full story yet . . . what do you think she would say when she’s ready? Please leave a comment below.


Does Henry settle with the ‘new’ Dayo or does he try to find his way to Ina?

Henry reminded me that I know someone who has Dissociative Identity Disorder and that I know very well that when the other identity is out, they look nor act nothing at all like the identity you know. So he asked me why he would want to stay with a complete stranger even if she moderately looks like the woman he loves?

So I think that kinda answers that question.

What do you think Henry should do to try to find Ina, especially as he’s just a mortal?


Akin hasn’t spoken to me yet, he kinda just shrugs his shoulders at me that he can handle anything thrown at him. To be honest, I cannot expect anything less from Sango’s son.


I don’t know where this came from but a Kitsune (Japanese fox) has been dancing in my eyes telling me that she wants to be a part of this story too. Anyone know I am going to mix Japanese folklore with Yoruba folklore?

The Kitsune whispers that she would like to play with Esu. Esu didn’t feature in the first story but for some reason, this Kitsune who is dancing in front of my eyes wants me to feature him too.

Phewww, seems I have my work cut out for me.


I think once I get this bit sorted, the rest of the story will tell itself to me.



Forgive any typos but I’m super hungry but I needed to write this all out before I take a rest for today. It’s been a longggggg day!

Please leave all your comments and suggestions below (or email me, like some folks like to do) 😀

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