Akin, god of thunder, Sango’s son, finally says something

I’m so excited, Akin, god of thunder, Sango’s son, has finally told me a part of his story in my upcoming Abiku: Mortal Combat. As I wrote in this post and this post about the characters speaking to me, Akin has been very cocky. He just smiles and says nothing. That was until this evening. I was out for dinner for the first time in ages and Akin decided that that was the perfect time to whisper a scene to me.

What did Akin, god of thunder, Sango’s son, have to say?

At the end of Abiku: A Battle of Gods, Akin was meant to be punished with his Mrs, Ina. Just like her, he would be re-born and with no memory of his past life.

Akin didn’t say if he was re-born in the past or in the future. Talk about lovers sticking together eh, kmt!

Anyhoos, Akin’s story starts with him as a teenager . . .


A group of boys are circling a lone boy, taunting him. They all hold batons and are smacking them on their legs.

The lone boy in the middle is trying not to show any fear . . .

Suddenly . . . a voice in his head tells him  . . . “remember . . . remember who you are Akin!”

The lone boy wonders flittingly who Akin was but continued to watch the boys circling him, wondering when they would pounce on him.

The voice screams in his head again “REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE AKIN!” and with that, the boy felt like his spirit was slapped in the ear.

Time seemed to stop . . .

One of the boys that was circling the boy moved in very slow motion to strike the boy but the boy moved out of the way very fast. Instead, the clear and bright day changed really fast. The clear skies turned dark and thunder and lightning shattered the air. The boy was engulfed in a stream of lightning and when he moved the lightning flowed with him.

As he moved to dodge the next boy who tried to strike him, the other boys all attacked him at the same time.

The boy moved to punch one boy who made to hit him then struck out one leg to kick a boy that was behind him. The boy swings to his side and punches another, then another in a swirl of motion. When there was just one boy left that looked to attack, the boy watches to see what his move would be. The last boy sees the stream of lightning around the boy, drops his weapon and runs away. The boy looks around and realises that the danger had passed away and drops down unconscious . . .


That’s all Akin, god of thunder, had to say. I guess I should be happy that he even spoke at all. So what do you think of this scene? Please leave a comment below


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