Abiku: Mortal Combat, Version 1


Following on from my post the yesterday, the characters have finally spoken to me some more.

Ina has said that if we choose to go with being re-born into the future:

After the everything that happened in Abiku: A Battle of Gods, the real Dayo was sent to London to find herself and finish her education.

As the only child of her parents, Dayo’s father’s only condition for her to get to keep his wealth when he passes away is for her to marry a Yoruba man, with a Yoruba name and have lots of children with him. He doesn’t mind where in the world they live in as long as they can still look after his companies.

Abiku: Mortal Combat takes place 100 years in the future.

100 years from now, after several recessions and world leaders not coming to an agreement with regards to disarming nuclear warheads, there’s another world war with the most destruction in the Americas, Europe and Asia. There’s a scramble to re-colonise Africa!


The book starts off with a girl (name unknown as yet). She used to live in London but now lives in Ibadan. She’s Dayo’s descendant. In London, people thought she was mad but the supernatural was commonplace in the new Oyo Empire, that exists within but also outside of Nigeria, so she felt very much at home here.

Medically, she’s blind but she’s one of a very few people in the world who can use echolocation to move about easily. Well, that’s the doctors’ interpretations of her ability to walk like she’s fully sighted.

With budget cuts and wars etc, advancing medical research had not been on the agenda for most countries in recent years.

This girl (name unknown as yet), starts off chapter one happily chatting to her new voice-activated diary, telling it her dream where she met the most handsome man. Was she 16 years old or was she 21 years old?

She was confused when the man with molten larva in his eyes calls the name Ina. There was only the two of them in the bathroom, so he couldn’t have been talking to someone else. Why does the name Ina sound familiar to her? Why does he look vaguely familiar to her too? Was he relaxing in a jacuzzi and asked her to join him or was she in the jacuzzi and he asked to join her??


Henry says he wants to have a go now. It was he who informed Dayo’s grandma about the things that were going on with Dayo. Dayo’s grandmother is a believer of the then old gods, who are now the current gods in Yorubaland. Dayo’s grandmother consulted an Ifa diviner, who said that Dayo should get married to Henry if she wanted to bring an end to what was going on with Dayo.

That’s the reason why his employers agreed for him to marry their daughter Dayo.

Dayo’s grandmother is a spiritually powerful woman. As Dayo had moved to London, Henry wasn’t interested in the new Dayo and he was a distant memory to her, like an old film, he went to stay with her grandmother for a while.

Whilst in the current time, Dayo’s grandmother worked with the air and Henry’s love to try to locate Dayo, wherever and whenever she may be! And she located her 100 years in the future in the womb of her soon to be mother.



Ina’s mother spoke to her mother Osun and pleaded with her for Ina’s life. Osun’s response was that no one man was wiser than all the women in the world.

Ina’s mother and Osun, blinked and they were 100 years in the future.

Every day from that day forth, both Osun and Ina’s mother chanted over Ina’s soon-to-be mother’s belly.

Dayo’s grandmother also cast her spells every day to where Ina was. As far as Dayo’s grandmother was concerned, Ina was also her child.

When three powerful women cast a spell over the body of a pregnant woman, what happened? The deformity that Ina was meant to be born with was transformed. She just had very strange looking eyes.



Before Akin was re-born, he asked Ina’s personal warriors to make sure they protected her with all they had.

It was they that Ina was seeing that made people think she was crazy. Eventually, she just pretended to not see them.


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