Top Tips to Make Your Garden More Private

Since gardens and homes are typically built in rows, it can be difficult to really feel the benefit of your private outdoor space. You want to be able to relax and unwind during the summer days and evenings without feeling overlooked. If you want to turn your garden into the perfect hideaway, here are a few tips from Lawsons to help you make your garden more private.

Add height to your fence

If you are able to see over your fence and into your neighbours’ garden, this can destroy the illusion of privacy in your outside space. The simplest and most attractive solution is to make your fence a little taller by adding a trellis. This has the benefit of looking attractive, rather than anti-social and you can even add some colour using a combination of climbing plants.

Screen off sections

You can use plant hedges, add hurdle fence panels, or even add decking to areas of the garden you wish to screen off.  This will help to create separate sections of your garden, with different uses and make each area feel a little more private.

Add Levels

If you don’t want to add hedges or fences to your garden, you can also create different areas by adding different levels. A fantastic option for added privacy is to install a sunken seating area. These can be built within your patio or lawn area by lowering a section and adding seating. These small hideaways are perfect for some extra seclusion and are also a great place to install a fire pit.


This is a collaborative post with Lawsons, but I will be looking into some of these tips to make my garden even more private as our fences are quite low. Below is a picture of my little human in our garden last summer. I’m trying to improve my gardening skills 😀

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