Here are 5 games for kids that parents would enjoy playing

Do you have an only child? Do you find you don’t enjoy playing her normal games? You see, as a parent with just one child myself, I found that I wasn’t engaging with my child as much as I would like because I didn’t like her baby toys. Once my little human turned 4, I realised that she needed more stimulating games herself. I also needed games that I would enjoy playing too. Knowing how my 4-year-old handles her toys, I needed ones that were relatively indestructible. So without much ado, here are 5 games for kids that parents would enjoy playing too.

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1 Treasure hunt

HOW TO: Take a bucket and both of you count in 10 toys that can fit in your hand. Ask your child to stand either by the front door or back door looking at the door. Your child cannot see what you are doing. From where your child is, hide all 10 toys at different locations around your entire house.

The only place that is out of bounds, when I play this game, is my bedroom.

PARENT ENJOYMENT RATING: 10/10 (you get 5 minutes all to yourself)

EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITY: Use this to help your child with their counting and subtraction. My daughter counts in the 10 toys herself. When she comes to the living room to find any toys, I ask her how many toys she’s found. I hold up my 10 fingers and ask her to remove the number of toys that she has so that we know how many toys are left that she needs to find.

PRODUCT RECOMMENDATION: The best part about this game is that it is FREE. You are simply using toys you already have in the house. If you don’t have small toys, you can use large stones that cannot be swallowed


2 Paper, rock, scissors

HOW TO: Explain to your child how to make ‘paper, rock and scissors’ with her fingers. Explain that paper wraps rock, rock breaks scissors and scissors cuts paper and that’s how you determine who the winner is.

PARENT ENJOYMENT RATING: 5/10 (the chances of you getting hit by a rock is very high)

EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITY: Use this to help your child with her listening skills and ability to follow instructions

PRODUCT RECOMMENDATION: The best part about this game is that it is FREE. You are simply using your hands


3 Snakes and Ladders

HOW TO: I let my little human have the first go. Whoever gets to 100 first wins


EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITY: We learn counting and additions and discovered that my 4-year-old little human is very competitive. She said to me “mummy, I hope you step on a snake” and she is not averse to “accidentally” knocking the pins off the board.

PRODUCT RECOMMENDATION: Snakes and Ladders Wooden Board Game Ideal For 2 – 6 players Suitable For Years 4+

As a parent, I know my little human can be a bit heavy-handed with her toys. That’s why I intentionally sort out a snakes and ladders game that was made out of wood and not cardboard.

My daughter has really benefitted from adding the numbers on the two dices that I am thinking of getting her an abacus to further help with her additions and subtractions.

Sometime in the not too distant  future, it is likely that I would get my little human the Melissa & Doug 19272 Add & Subtract Abacus, Multi-Color


4 Giant Jigsaw Puzzles

HOW TO: I told my little human to identify the four corners and looking at the picture of the puzzle put them at their correct corners. Then get all the edges to complete the perimeter of the puzzle. Once that’s done, it’s relatively easy for a 4-year-old to complete the middle

PARENTAL ENJOYMENT RATING: 6/10 (I enjoy watching my daughter make progress)

EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITY: It helps with logical problem solving, promotes hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills

PRODUCT RECOMMENDATION: Melissa & Doug Dinosaurs Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle With Storage Tray (24 pcs)

Not only is this puzzle made of wood, with 24 pieces, it is complex enough for a 4-year-old but still relatively simple enough for her to solve with some guidance. I think this is a good foundation before getting puzzles with more pieces.

Whilst this puzzle does have a wooden tray, I wish it came with some form of cover to allow for adequate storage


5 Fishing Puzzle Games

HOW TO: You can make up your own rules but ours is we both start at the same time and whoever catches the most fish wins


EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITY: I find this game a creative way to encourage and improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. We also use it as an added opportunity to practice counting and understanding greater than and less than.

PRODUCT RECOMMENDATION: Lewo 14-Piece Magnetic Fishing Game Educational Basic Skill Development Toys Wooden Bath Floor Puzzle Fish Toys for Kids Toddlers


There you have it, 5 games for kids that parents would enjoy playing too.

Are there any other games you enjoy playing with your own child? Please leave a comment below

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