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Buying furniture online is very hit and miss I have found. I bought two wardrobes last year for our little flat in London and let’s just say it left a bit to be desired. Anyhoos, I decided to test my DIY skills when I was given a new pair of wardrobe handles by Hafele.

Now I know you might think that it’s just a pair of wardrobe handles and that’s pretty easy. But you see, once upon a time, I absolutely HATED anything DIY. DIY was one of those things I avoided like the plague.

But this motherhood business has really changed my perspective. If I hope to raise a strong, independent woman, capable of achieving anything she sets her mind on, I can’t let a lack of interest in DIY ruin it.

The handles that came with the wardrobes I bought were hanging loose and I knew that I needed to do something about it sooner rather than later.

Buying things online can be froth with problems I have come to find. When there are obvious faults, some unscrupulous retailers will find any excuse to not rectify the problem. So, unfortunately, we were left with wardrobe handles that didn’t fit properly and I had to replace them myself.

Prior to now, I never imagined how many different styles of handles there are out there. Eventually, we were given a perfect pair of handles by Hafele and thankfully, I had a screwdriver at home.

So today, this mother won the DIY battle with some elbow grease and very classy looking handles.

My daughter was so excited, she had to test them out herself to make sure that they wouldn’t fall apart like the previous ones did.

It was such a joy to see the smile of approval on her face.

Mother 1 – 0 DIY

diy skills wardrobe handles by Hafele.

One thing I have learnt from testing my DIY skills today is that not all door handles are the same. To be honest, I just assumed that there was a one-size-fits-all when it came to wardrobe handles. If I were to go buy a new pair again I would make sure that I checked the spacing between the holes. This way you get the correct handles for your door.

You can find out more about the handles I used to upgrade my daughter’s wardrobe by clicking here. I really wish I was gifted two of the handles now 🙁 the wardrobe in my bedroom still has the old, boring, silver handles that are hanging on a nail. My daughter’s wardrobe now has a very classy chic look to it all because of the new handles. Apart from looking pretty, the handles feel very sturdy and I think they can withstand any assault my little human can throw at them for a long time to come. If anything, it’s the wardrobe I am not sure about eheheheh.

Anyhoos, have you put your DIY skills to the test lately? Please leave a comment below.


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