Review of the product that made our 2019 summer holiday extra special

The heatwave we had this summer was never going to last but it was great having a really hot summer for a change. My little girl really enjoyed herself with an even more active social life than I do. There were birthday parties to pool parties to BBQs to even a road trip to Wales. I cannot think of anything else a little girl would want. Now that September is here and the myriad of activities have stopped, for the time being, I thought this would be a great time to write a review of the product that made our 2019 summer holiday extra special. What product is this you may ask? Well it is none other than the POW Mo™ EXPANDABLE WIRELESS SPEAKER + UNIVERSAL MOUNT & WALLET which was gifted to me.

product review for 2019 summer holiday POW Mo™ speaker


According to the manufacturer, the POW Mo™ is the first release in their lineup of WaveBloom™ enhanced speakers. It is a pocket-sized speaker that delivers dynamic sound that rivals bigger, bulkier speakers. You can unleash its power in the comfort of home after a long day, or bring it with you to amplify your weekend dance party.

With its unique magnetic design, you can attach your POW Mo™ speaker to your smartphone, a fridge, the body of your car and more. POW magnets will not interfere with wireless charging or your phone’s performance.

POW Mo™ is compatible with just about any Bluetooth enabled sound source device, including Apple® and Android™ smartphones, tablets and more.

Length: 4.375″ (11.11 cm), Width: 2.5″ (6.35 cm), Height (collapsed): 0.937″ (2.38 cm)

7oz (198.45 g)

Stereo Sync
Up to 8-Hour Playtime
UV Stable
Bluetooth 4.2
100 Foot Range
USB-C Charging

How did I use the POW Mo™ EXPANDABLE WIRELESS SPEAKER over our 2019 summer holiday?

Whilst having our own summer BBQ at home, I thought it was the perfect time to use the POW Mo™ speaker for the first time. Whenever I put my android phone on speaker in the garden previously, the sound did not carry enough for us to truly enjoy the song that was being played. So I was eager to see if this speaker would make any difference.

Pros of the POW Mo™ speaker
  1. POW Mo™ speaker came with a USB cable which I connected to a wall charger head and was fully charged in less than 2 hours
  2. It was pretty straightforward to connect the POW Mo™ speaker to my android phone via Bluetooth.
  3. After you connect the POW Mo™ speaker to your device the first time, you don’t need to do so ever again. Simply activate Bluetooth on your device, turn on your POW Mo™ speaker and voila it connects automatically and plays a welcome message.
  4. This little speaker should NOT be underestimated for even one second. Just thinking about the POW Mo™ speaker is giving me goosebumps. The clarity of the sound is out of this world (when compared to my android phone speakers). When I used it, it sounded like I had a large surround sound system. It even has that thumping sound you would get from proper speakers. Seriously, my review cannot do this speaker justice.
  5. My POW Mo™ speaker is on my fridge, so it takes up ZERO valuable space.
  6. After the first charge, I didn’t use the POW Mo™ speaker for about a week. When I turned it on, there was still enough charge to last the 30 minutes I used it with no sign that the built-in battery was about to run out


Cons of the POW Mo™ speaker
  1. It did not come with a wall charger
  2. I’ve not been able to figure out how to use the POW WALLET or rather I don’t know what it’s for. There were two of them included in the box
  3. There’s no battery life indicator
  4. I found it impossible to expand the speaker, so can’t comment on if it enhances the sound



If you do not already have regular speakers at home or you are considering a buying a new one, I totally recommend you give the POW Mo™ speaker a try. Having this speaker has made doing housework enjoyable. I give this POW Mo™ speaker 9/10. I have never received a gift that gave me goosebumps before.


What did you do over the 2019 summer holiday? What do you think of my review of the POW Mo™ speaker? Please leave a comment below

POST UPDATE: Further to my review, I have since gotten further details about the POW Mo™ speaker from the manufacturer:

  1. Whilst there is no visual indicator the POW Mo™ speaker does deliver a brief sonic notification, during playback, that it needs to be charged. I am yet to get this sonic notification, probably because I do not use the speaker every day
  2. With regards to expanding the speaker, It’s easiest if you ‘angle’ one side then the other. I did try this method and was able to expand it
  3. With regards to the two attachments that I didn’t know what they were used, you can use the wallet, along with the magnetic attachment, to store bank cards, some notes, etc

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