I can’t believe I’m about to review the best pair of socks

I mean, a pair of socks is just a pair of socks, right? So what really is there for a review? What makes a pair of socks the best pair of socks? I would normally not even consider a pair of socks as something that really needed reviewing until I got gifted a pair of Blue Guard socks. I’ve been working on a project outside London and have had to leave home when it was still dark and I get home when it’s still dark. I know London weather cannot compete with Canadian weather in terms of coldness but it’s still pretty cold in winter here.

Whilst dressing up on the first day, I spotted my Blue Guard socks and thought, hey why not? So I put them on. After 13 hours straight wearing them, I realised that they were actually thicker than normal socks. The boots I wore were the perfect size for my feet and had enough space for tights and regular socks. This meant that the boots were a tight fit when I had on the socks. When I couldn’t handle the tight fit anymore, I tossed my boots to a corner and wore my trainers. OMG these socks were so comfortable. I thought my feet would get cold quite quickly when I was outside at 6:30 am but quite the opposite. It felt like my feet were wrapped in the warmest fur, ever.

The proof in the pudding for me was that after about 3 weeks of use, no holes. After a few weeks of intense use, I find that regular socks would have a hole where my big toe is but not these socks.

I used these socks for 13 hours straight walking from one place to another for 13 days, so far, and found them to be really comfortable in the right size shoes, really warm and very durable. These are the reasons Blue Guard socks are the best pair of socks I have ever used.

I can't believe I'm about to review the best pair of socks, blue guard socks


About BlueGuard socks, the best pair of socks

I can't believe I'm about to review the best pair of socks, blueguard socks


You can find out more about BlueGuard socks by clicking here.



I did not receive any money from anyone to write this review. I will not receive any money from anyone if you choose to buy this product or not. I see so many disclaimers, I felt I needed to add one. I really like my BlueGuard pair of socks and that’s why I wrote this post.


I would love to know what you think about my post, so please do leave a comment below. What is the best brand of socks you own?


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