I spent my Sunday morning in the garden, what did you do?

A few days ago my baby agreed that her chore in the house (at age 3 going on 4) is to wash the dishes after every meal. Woot woot I’m winning in this mothering business. Anyhoos, since the end of summer, I’ve hated the state of my garden. Weeds kept growing faster than I could pluck them off the soil. So whilst my baby was washing up this morning, I looked into the garden and decided that I would do some gardening today. That’s the whole point of my baby helping out at home, so I had time to do something else equally as important.

As I was recently gifted a winter coat by Simply Hike, I simply tossed it on over my nightgown and went into the garden. I didn’t want the hassle of changing into proper clothes to deflate my resolve to do some work in the garden today.

daughter helping wash the dishes. I spent my Sunday morning in the garden, what did you do?

As my baby is not yet tall enough, she has to stand or kneel on a chair to do the washing up. She’s so proud of herself that she named herself ‘mummy’s little helper’

My go-to gardening tool

I didn’t like having to hire a gardener every time I needed to trim my garden, so I invested in a Flymo Trim Set at the start of this year’s summer. I can say it’s probably the best investment I’ve made for my garden to date. It’s lightweight and pretty easy to use, once you figure out how the spool works. It really makes gardening easy. Within a few moments, my garden went from being a small bush to a well-maintained garden.

before and after pictures of my garden. I spent my Sunday morning in the garden, what did you do?

Down Jackets

I initially planned on putting on my dressing gown to go work in the garden but I’m so glad I used my Simply Hike Down Coat. Surprisingly, it was lightweight and I totally forgot I had it on whilst gardening. That’s how lightweight it is and it was so warm too.

I originally planned on taking a walk with my daughter today to our local park to feed the ducks this morning but I just could not leave my garden the way it was for another second. My new coat will be put to the test further as the weather gets colder. I love winter as long as I have the perfect coat that keeps me warm and dry and this coat by Simply Hike seems to be just what I need. Now I can’t tell my baby that being cold is the reason we can’t go for a stroll in winter.

segilola salami modelling simply hike down jackets whilst in the garden

What do you think of my 3yo baby’s photography skills? In fact, what do you think of my graphics design skills? I’ve been working on making my pictures a bit more visually appealing whilst being unfiltered for the most part. I think in this picture, I should have said:

Photographer: Little Human

Model: Mama bear

Jacket: Simply Hike

May I should save that until after I lose all the baby fat, anyhoos, I digress 😉

Spending time in the garden is great for family bonding

I’ve noticed that my baby loves spending time with me in the garden and I wish we could do this more often. Life is just so hectic and by the time the weekend comes, I’m totally shattered.

That said, I always get a smile on my face with how helpful my baby is. She kept asking if she could help me trim the grass. Whilst our trimmer doesn’t have any blades, I’m holding off letting her use it as it’s still a bit too heavy for a baby.

A little birdie came to say hello

Whilst we were gardening, a little birdie came to say hello. It kept hopping around like it was asking us what we were doing. Now I feel like as a new mother-daughter activity, we should start bird spotting. I think it would be fun picking out not just the birds that come into our garden but any other animals.

So far, we get some vermin (part of why I had to do some gardening today). We get The Squirrel King, The Pooping Cat and The Lazy Fox. There’s a sparrow, that hops in on the rare occasion. I had to ask someone what it was called because it looked like a crow with a white breast and viciously killed a rat in the garden.

Then we have this brown bird that I had no idea what it’s called. But my local Facebook Mummy group and Google came to the rescue. Added to the list of animals that visit our garden is a redbreast robin. Apparently, loved ones send the redbreast robin to say hello, so I think my mom came to check on her girls. Thinking about her (may her soul rest in peace) brought a sad smile to my face. I miss her loads but it’s comforting thinking that she’s looking down on us and saying hello 😀

sunday morning gardening brown bird orange breast came visiting

A lovely end to the morning??

After trimming the grass and getting the garden to look much better, I decided that I needed a soak. I told my CHILD (notice the change from baby to child) that I wanted to go soak in the bathroom for a bit. What did she do? Scream ME TOO! ME TOO!!, seriously wtf?! Having my CHILD in the bathtub with me was NOT my idea of fun or relaxation.

Instead, I told her that we should go watch a movie and cuddle up on the sofa. So whilst we were watching a Yoruba movie, I was fantasising about being on holiday somewhere cold but I was indoors in a warm and bubbling jacuzzi and the bubbles just massaged all the aches in my muscles away.

I’m seriously thinking that I would like to go away on holiday sometime soon. A friend of mine told me only just yesterday that she went on holiday to Malta, so I think I would like to give there a try too. This mother really needs a break.

The Simply Group has a Simply Swim company, so I’m thinking of exploring their Women’s Swim Shorts collection or maybe their one-piece collection.


If you have any recommendations for places to visit this winter that’s got a jacuzzi and offers childcare services but costs as little as possible, please do let me know. That aside, do you ever spend time in your garden with your kids? How did you spend your Sunday mornings? Please leave a comment below

Please note, this is a collaborative post with the Simply Group companies.

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