I made no-cook ice-cream without an ice-cream maker with my daughter

Last weekend, I was meant to take my daughter to a funfair in central London but unfortunately for us, it rained non-stop from first thing in the morning to after lunchtime. I try to spend time with my daughter doing mother-daughter activities as much as possible. As we weren’t able to attend the funfair, I told my daughter, the next day as we went to nursery, that we would do some cooking on her day off from nursery. I wanted it to be a treat for my daughter this time, so we made no-cook ice-cream.


I made no-cook ice-cream without an ice-cream maker with my daughter

How to make no-cook ice-cream without an ice-cream maker

As any parent would tell you, there just is not enough time to do everything in a day that you need to do. My daughter is a big lover of ice-cream but I didn’t like buying her ice-cream from the supermarkets due to all the additives. I try to cook and bake from scratch at home, as much as time would permit.

Earlier on this summer, I decided that I would be making my own ice-cream. I wanted a fairly easy ice-cream to make, so opted for no-cook ice-cream.

I coincidentally found out about a two-ingredient ice-cream recipe. It involved frozen banana pieces and milk. I did make it a couple of times and my daughter loved it. However, as I’m not a fan of bananas, I needed to find an alternative recipe that I could enjoy too. What’s the point of making something I wouldn’t eat from.

I seriously think Facebook can read minds. How else would it have known that I was thinking about searching for an alternative no-cook ice-cream recipe? Anyhoos, on my Facebook time, a video from Food Network UK showed a very simple recipe to make a no-cook ice-cream but using an ice-cream maker.

The recipe

The no-cook ice-cream recipe was pretty straightforward to follow from the video. Sorry, I didn’t bookmark the video to share here. Anyhoos, according to the video, all you needed was: heavy cream, fruits, milk and sugar as a minimum. You blend the fruits, sugar and milk to make a puree, then add in the cream to the blend before putting the mixture in your ice-cream maker.

I don’t have an ice-cream maker and I only have a small smoothie maker, so nothing ‘of use’ according to the video. However, I am good at improvising, so here’s what I did:

I got 600mls of fresh whipping creams, about 250g granulated sugar, about 300mls semi-skimmed milk, 3 oreo cookies, 1 banana, about 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract


I poured the whipping cream into a measuring jug. I poured the milk and sugar into the pot the whipping cream came in. Using my hand mixer, I whisked the milk and sugar together, then added the vanilla extract and whisked it some more. I poured the milk mixture into my measuring jug with the cream and whisked it for a good few minutes. I assumed that the mixture would become whipped but it did. Instead, it became a bit frothy and thickened a little bit at the top. I tasted it and it tasted like melted ice-cream, that encouraged me and made me know that I was on the right track.

I poured the ice-cream mixture back into the pot that the whipping cream came in and put in the freezer, that’s my vanilla ice-cream. I’m a big fan of re-using plastic pots where possible. I broke the oreo cookies into little pieces and grated the banana and popped them both into the ice-cream mixture and whisked the mixture for a few more minutes. Luckily, I had a 1kg empty tub of butter, so I poured the oreo and banana ice-cream mixture into the tub before putting in the freezer. That’s my oreo and banana ice-cream.

Whilst the ice-cream was doing its thing in the freezer, I got my daughter to help me make some deep fried chicken wings. I couldn’t bear to be asked every 5 seconds if the ice-cream was ready. So doing some more cooking was my way of distracting my daughter from the ice-cream.

By the time we were done cooking the chicken, I went to check the smaller vanilla ice-cream and it was frozen enough to get soft scoop ice-cream. I would have to do a Jamie Oliver here and say that even I thought the ice-cream was very delicious.

At the end of it all, I had a happy and content child who sat in front of our TV watching her favourite cartoon programs whilst eating some homemade soft-scoop no-cook ice-cream!


Carter’s Funfair

As we didn’t get the chance to go to the funfair, I thought I would share a video of it with you here. The funfair looked like so much fun and who knows, maybe we would get the chance to visit it next year?! Or better still, they may set up a Winter Wonderland special. Wishful thinking? Who knows 😉


My daughter’s lovely pink jacket

On the way to nursery, when I was chatting with my daughter about making some homemade ice-cream on her day off from nursery, we met someone we knew along the way and the person commented on how lovely her jacket looked.

As the compliment came whilst I was planning for this post, I thought it only fitting to give a shout out to the manufacturers. My daughter was gifted the pink jacket (why does no one ever gift me anything? *sob*sob*) as pink is her favourite colour. I can assure you that the picture above does not do the jacket justice at all. It is a very pleasant pink colour and comes off as being a tad fluorescent. The person that complimented the jacket said that it would be very difficult to not see my daughter in the dark of winter.

Cherry Crumble California is the manufacturer and you can click here to see the jacket description on their website. Please note that UK sizes are different to American kid’s clothing sizes, you don’t want to end up with a jacket that is too small for your child.


My daughter turns 4 in two months time, I wonder if anyone would gift her a bicycle for her birthday seeing as that’s what she’s been asking for day in day out for the last three months.

I’m not jealous but I never get presents anymore. Even my own friends, who knew me before my child was ever conceived, don’t even remember to get me a birthday card! Anyhoos, I’m not jealous, I’ve accepted it as what happens when you become a parent. You become invisible 🙁

Be that as it may, what do you think of my homemade, no-cook ice-cream? Please leave a comment below

Ok I am a tad sad that I no longer get presents. On behalf of all the mothers out there, becoming a parent doesn’t mean your friends should shift ALL their love to your child alone. Everyone is talking about my daughter’s upcoming birthday and even my bff did not remember my birthday earlier on in the year.

OK I got that out of my chest, I feel better now 😀

What was I talking about before again? Ah yes, what do you think of my homemade, no-cook ice-cream? Please leave a comment below 😀

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