Sunday Snippet – Rethinking Women’s Health: A Guide to Wellness

Rethinking Women’s Health: A Guide to Wellness by Sartoris Literary Group

This Sunday’s Snippet is from Dr. Alison Buehler’s Rethinking Women’s Health: A Guide to Wellness by Sartoris Literary Group. It is a Self-Help, Female Health book that hit number #40 earlier this week on Amazon’s Women’s Health Kindle Books.

Since switching gears to raise three children, the author began a nonprofit organization with her husband, The Homestead Education Center, that provides writing, retreats, and workshops on personal growth, health and wellness. She lives with her family in Starkville, Mississippi on a small farm where they raise children, chickens, goats, vegetables, and bees.

Rethinking Women's Health: A Guide To Wellness

Snippet from the book Rethinking Women’s Health: A Guide To Wellness by Alison Buehler

Snippet of Rethinking Women’s Health: A Guide to Wellness

At my first doctor’s visit after moving to a new town where my husband had taken a job as a hospital physician, I told my OB/GYN, “I have the vagina of Job.” For those of you without a Judeo-Christian background, Job is the paramount example of what a person who is suffering looks like in the Bible. If anything can go wrong in Job’s life, it does. The same went for my vagina.

Eight years later, I know my OB/GYN very well and respect him as a physician and as a community member. He delivered our third child and walked me through half a dozen women’s health disasters, but I really respect him because he kept a straight face when I announced my vaginal woes in biblical terms.

When your female parts are not right, life is pretty miserable. I am writing this book because I wish it had existed when I was in the throes of battling my own vaginal upsets alone. Okay, so to be more clinical, the area is more accurately referred to as “vulvovaginal,” and reproductive health is incredibly encompassing. This book is about women’s health or sexuality in general, not just the lady parts. Divorcing vaginas from sex, sexuality, and human and cultural health is a big part of the problem. Still, my trouble started with my vagina.

If you liked that snippet, please support the author and buy a copy on Amazon.


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