My baby just got her first Big Girl snack by Wallaroo

With so much processed food around us, it is pretty easy to simply go with the flow and just feed our children junk. I promised myself that I would try as much as possible to feed my baby healthy non-processed food. As she’s getting older, she’s been noticing that other kids get things that we don’t keep at home. I will admit that I have indulged my baby on a rare occasion because it is just as risky to not offer a child something her peers all get. That’s why when I got an email telling me about a snack by Wallaroo, I got super excited and had to read up about them.

What is this snack by Wallaroo?

This snack by Wallaroo comes in a nice shiny packet that appeals to every child. However, unlike most store bought snacks, it contains 100% fruit dried in the UK and with no additives.

According to the Wallaroo website:

When the fruit is perfectly ripe, it is harvested and moved to a state of the art BRC* certified drying facility located right next to the fields to ensure that only the freshest fruit is used and food waste during transportation is minimised.

(*BRC – British Retail Consortium – which has some of the highest standards of food safety in the world. You can read more about them here.)

The perfect snack for active kids

I still prefer fresh over processed any day but there are some days when processed is best. I tend to plan at night for the next day but when it comes to take-out fruit and water, I prefer to leave them to the last minute. Most days, we are able to leave on time and it doesn’t matter but there are some days when we literally just have to dash out the door. That’s when a snack by Wallaroo comes in handy. It’s a one-second grab off the shelf and dash out of the house. I won’t get any guilt because I know that my baby is not consuming any chemicals or unnecessary ingredients. Another advantage I like is that you can get fruits when they are out of season. I also like the idea that the company is trying to reduce food wastage.

Wallaroo is a model to help reduce food wastage

Once upon a time, I fantasised that if money was not a problem, I would open a drying plant in Nigeria to dry all the fresh produce there. There’s a lot of food wastage in the country because they don’t have the resources to preserve them. Discovering Wallaroo has rekindled that dream. Who knows, maybe in future, I may be able to turn this dream into a reality. Or better yet, Wallaroo would ask me to collaborate with them and open a drying plant in Nigeria.

If that happened, I would be super excited. I’m trying to teach my daughter about not wasting food and my working with Wallaroo would give her the opportunity to see first hand one way food can be preserved.

Oohhh that gives me an idea, maybe Wallaroo would have open days for kids to visit their drying facilities, to help them understand food more. Hmmmmm … oh the possibilities eh?!

after hip hop dance class, my baby gets a snack by wallaroo

After a hectic evening at her Hip Hop dance class, my baby got a snack by Wallaroo treat. The perfect win-win situation if you ask me. What do you think about the snack by Wallaroo? Please leave a comment below.

Please note, this is a collaborative post with Wallaroo

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