Thinking about your child’s safety when on a day out? Get a GPS tracker

I recently visited Adventure Island at Southend beach. Whilst getting tickets for my daughter and myself, a lady came up behind us to the customer services window and said that she had lost her child. There and then the staff sprung into action. Instinctually, I wanted to offer her a hug and words of support but I kinda thought maybe I would come across as a weird stranger (I know that’s the world we live in now). What helped me move out of the way was knowing that the staff were radioing each other and I was optimistic they would find the child.

Remembering the disappearance of Madeline McCann, it got me thinking about our children’s safety. What added measures can we make when we are outside of our usual home environment or even in a busy resort?


GPS tracker

Considering that I do not have the resources to surgically implant a tracker under my daughter’s skin (yes I’ve watched lots of sci-fi/action/adventure movies), I decided to research non-invasive, pocket-friendly ways to stalk make sure I know my child’s every move whenever. It was during my research for a GPS tracker that I came across a post with The 15 Best GPS Kids Trackers for Parents with Young Kids.


The 15 Best GPS Kids Trackers for Parents with Young Kids

Parenting comes with a wide range of challenges—but perhaps the toughest challenge of all is ensuring your kids are safe even when they’re out of sight. As kids grow, they’ll want to explore, push boundaries, and make their own rules. Fortunately, with wearable GPS trackers the challenge of parenthood just got a little easier. Whether your child is on a family outing, at an amusement park, or on a school trip, these devices give you one less thing to worry about. And whether your child is starting kindergarten or is in middle school, wearable GPS technology helps you keep track of their day without being too intrusive—giving you the peace of mind that every parent dreams of.

In the last few years, wearable technology has come a long way—in the form of function, ease-of-use, and fashion. We have two personal favorites: AmbyGear Smartwatch because of its fun games and learning activities and dokiWatch because of its video calling capabilities.


gps tracker for kids children

Here’s a list of the best GPS trackers for kids on the market today, so you can find the right fit for your kid’s lifestyle. Click on a product to read the review.


SO there you have it, 15 of the best GPS kids trackers. Do you have/use one? If no, would you consider getting one? What are your thoughts on a child wearing a GPS tracker in general? Please leave a comment below.

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