DeWandus Johnson Sr: Marketing Strategies For First Time Authors + $50 Giftcard Giveaway

DeWandus Johnson Sr. is today’s guest on The Segilola Salami Show. DeWandus shares with us his journey from leaving prison, working as an electrician apprentice to the things he’s learned marketing his first book “Cry Baby Cry…. Or Not.” This helps him share marketing strategies any author, but most especially first-time authors, can apply. I assure you, you need to click play now to listen to this most intriguing conversation with DeWandus Johnson Sr.

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About DeWandus Johnson Sr.

marketing strategies for first time authors blog post giveaway cover art pictureDeWandus Johnson Sr. was born and raised on the West Side of Chicago, in the North Lawndale Community. Involved in the street life at an early age, his first visit to prison was at the formative age of seventeen-years-old. In his adult years, Dewandus decided to leave Chicago. It was time for fresh start and a slower pace, so he relocated to Omaha, Nebraska. Unable to shake his “get it by any means necessary” attitude, he found himself in prison again. While in federal prison, he was introduced to legends of the Chicago lifestyle, and gained knowledge on other ways to live successfully. One particular friendship awakened a new understanding of life for DeWandus, and a new goal was born. His goal is to give unfiltered mental visuals and testimonies about the untold truths of the ghettos of America. As of today, DeWandus has written several books and has plans of writing more in the future. DeWandus’ writing style can be described as live, vivid, and raw.

Please enjoy the first novel published under Royal Roar Publishing LLC and keep your eyes open for the next release, ” All Cried Out!”


At the end of today’s episode of The Segilola Salami Show, DeWandus wants listeners to take this away:

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1. I want the listeners to know that Royal Roar publishing is more than a publishing company. We partner with to help at-risk youths cope with the struggles of inner-city problems.
2. I want them to also know that it’s not your fault when you don’t know but once you are aware your accountability is a must.
3. The listeners should know that I was once a product of the gang, drug and poverty-stricken streets of Chicago.
4. They should know that I attend State Prisons every Wednesday and Saturday speaking to adult men that want to change their lives when they are released from prison about what to look for when they are re-entered into society.
5. Last but not least, I want them to know that time stands still for no one, the only one that is stopping your progress is you. Things will never change for you if you don’t take the first step toward change.


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