Sunday Snippet: Cry Baby Cry or Not by DeWandus Johnson

Today’s Sunday Snippet is from the fiction and crime thriller Cry baby cry or not by DeWandus Johnson. Cry baby cry or not was published on March 4, 2014 with ISBN 9781630680909 and is currently only available as a paperback book.

fiction crime thriller book cover art blog post image Cry Baby Cry..... or Not Paperback – March 4, 2014 by Dewandus Johnson (Author)

Synopsis of Cry baby cry or not by DeWandus Johnson

Trina is a young girl raised by her mother Jackie, who is cursed with being deaf and mute. This
curse has Jackie so mad at the world, that she pours out unimaginable hate into her daughter.
Trina grows into that hate, until she finally has had enough and stands up to her mother. She
runs away and finds herself subjected to a world filled with murder, gangs, and extreme violent
behavior. Trina knows nothing about this type of lifestyle and is forced to learn by trial and
error…. until she meets Mistro. Mistro, a young gangbanger blessed with royalty in his mob,
sees something in Trina that makes him infatuated with her persona. After she witnesses him
murder a mark, she asks a question that catches him completely off guard…..How does it feel to
kill someone? After fleeing the scene, he cannot get her off his mind. He locates her and tries to
find flaws within Trina because of his own battles, but learns her loyalty is REAL. Mistro starts a
new hustle but now Trina starts to question his love. Then Trina meets Tee Tee, a woman of the
night, she introduces Trina to her own hustle and all hell breaks loose. Will Mistro understand or
will Trina find her own way into a world of selling dreams and orchestrating her own survival?

Find out as you dive deep into Cry Baby Cry……Or Not.


First chapter snippet:

Trina heard Marco open his door so she started to take the stairs two by two. When she got to the second floor Marco was standing there looking down on her with his work uniform on.
“Who is your friend Trina? He asked while listening to her cry with slow progress up the stairs.
“That’s Mimi, Sharon’s daughter they live in apartment 3c upstairs”?
“Why is she crying”?
“We saw somebody get killed today and she doesn’t want to go home by herself!” Trina explained.
“Where’s Sharon?” Marco asked.
“At home sleep.”
“She can come in for a while.” Marco said as Mimi came into vision. “What is your name little lady” Marco asked while trying to make small talk.
“Mimi” Mimi answered as she fought back the tears.
“Come on in.” Marco invited as Trina passed by him into his apartment. Marco had pure predator in his eyes as he looked upon Mimi. He kneeled on one knee to give Mimi a hug. He wanted to feel the youth of her embrace and innocence of her touch.
“Are you okay little lady?” He asked while rubbing her little body sensually.
“Yeah!” She said with a nod.
“Go have a seat in the living room.” He directed as he observed her pure young development. He called out to Trina who was already sprawled across his bed ready to be his sex toy. “WHAT?” She yelled with her hands inside her ***** ***** ***** like Marco always did before he ***** *****.

Marco had been molesting her for six years now and she had grown to want him in his absence. He was a short man in his early 30’s with a muscular build. He was about 5’7” 180lbs with a very dark complexion and light brown eyes. He was actually a handsome guy and that’s how he was able to keep new girls in the child porn business. He didn’t look like he was able to even hurt a fly and in his eyes he wasn’t. Half of the pre-teen girls that he had already recorded were already having sex. Those girls were the daughters of the streets. Their mothers, crack whores, and their fathers were who knows where? He was once again looking for the innocent, unhampered fruit and he saw that in Mimi.

“Trina! What the ***** are you doing?” He yelled without taking his eyes off of Mimi.
“Come and See.” She said while stripping down to her panties and her bra.
Marco Walked down the long hall to his bedroom and saw Trina entertaining her box and instantly got aroused.
“What’s up with Mimi?” He inquired.
“I don’t know, she can stay in there, Trina suggested as she laid there ready for Marco to do his unmentionables to her.
“Do you think that she would tell?’ Marco asked with a serious tone.
“That’s my friend, if I ask her not to then she won’t.
“Okay, when I call for you I want you to come to the living room just as you are.” Marco instructed as he grabbed his video camera and headed for the living room. Trina knew what he was up to when she saw him grab his video camera. She had performed for that camera many times before and seen a lot of other girls taped as well. She actually liked to be videoed and liked to watch it, whenever Marco would let her. Marco walked into the living room with his plan playing itself out in his head.
“Do you want something to drink Mimi?”
“No, I’m okay!” She said in a soft tone. “Where is Trina?”
“She’s using the bathroom. She’s almost done!” He lied as he placed the camera on top of the television. He walked over to Mimi and sat down next to her.
“How old are you Mimi?’ Marco Asked.
“Ten.” She mumbled.
“Trina told me that you saw someone get killed today! What happened?”
Mimi began to relive the scene in her head and started to shake with fear. “Somebody got shot and we saw it. Then he walked up on the man after he fell and shot him again. I got scared and ran!” She explained to Marco.
“It’s okay Mimi.” Marco began to comfort her with a hug. He rubbed on her right shoulder while burying her other shoulder into his chest. “We live in a rough neighborhood and that probably will not be the only time you ever see somebody get shot. You’re okay now, you are safe with me. I won’t let anybody hurt you.” He said as he continued to caress her shoulder. Mimi hugged him back because she did feel safe in his arms.


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I blacked out some of the words as I didn’t want any impressionable person(s) reading those bits on my blog. As a parent, I find the reality of this book turning a knot in my stomach. It reminds me that we live in a really really sick world. That said, these reminders are essential. They are essential because they remind us to have certain conversations with our children, to try to prepare them for the horrors in our world.

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