Character Interview: The Squeezel by Simon Woodhouse

This week’s Character Interview is from the Children’s poem book The Squeezel by Simon Woodhouse. It was self-published by the author and is currently available as an eBook (Amazon ASIN B07TK3QYN7 25.07.19) only. The Squeezel by Simon Woodhouse is aimed at children aged 1 – 8 and has no adult themes.

children's kids book cover The Squeezel by Simon Woodhouse


Synopsis of The Squeezel by Simon Woodhouse

This book is the story of a Wesel, who wants to make friends, but goes about it in an unfortunate manner.  She’s the best at cuddling in the land – so what could the Squeezel’s problem be? Surely everyone loves a hug . . . After hugging lots of animals just a little bit too hard, the Squeezel is very unpopular and can’t find any friends.

Will the Squeezel finally find a friend who understands her and likes her for who she is?


Name of character to be interviewed:

The Squeezel

Why was this character chosen for this interview?

The Squeezel is the main character in my story and is an especially relatable character for children as well as adults. She always tries hard to make friends but has one particular flaw, which makes it difficult.

Question 1: Why do you think you found it so hard to make friends?

Answer: I’m not sure really. I always try to say hello in the friendliest way possible, but all the other animals seem to get angry whenever 8 try to greet them!

Question 2: Are you satisfied now that you have found a new friend?

Answer: I’m really happy that I have finally found myself a friend, but I am still going to keep trying to make new friends. Why be satisfied with just one friend when there are so many other nice animals out there in the jungle, just waiting to be friends with me?

Question 3: What advice do you have for other animals who find making friends difficult?

Answer: My advice is to not change yourself too much. A true friend will like you for who you are. However, it is never a bad idea to listen to other people’s advice about how you are talking with people or behaving. Sometimes a small change to the way you do something can make a big difference!

Question 4: Is it important that your friends are just like you?

Answer: No, I was lucky that’s new best friend looks similar to me, but I think that I would like to make friends with any kinds of animals. Having friends, who are different from you is fun because you have so many exciting things to learn about them!

Question 5: Would you do anything differently in your life if you could start all over again?

Answer: If I could avoid all those times when the other animals hurt my feelings then I would. However, sometimes it’s all the hard times, which teach you an important lesson and prepare you for the good times which are just around the corner!


This post was submitted by Simon Woodhouse

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