Character Interview from The Final Fence: Sophomores in The Saddle By Marc O’Brien

Normally, today’s Sunday Snippet would include a chapter from a book given to me by an author in my network. However, I thought I would try something different. So today’s post features an interview with two of the characters in the YA novel The Final Fence: Sophomores in The Saddle by author Marc O’Brien. Marc O’Brien has previously been a guest on my podcast The Segilola Salami Show. Without much ado …

The Final Fence:  Sophomores in The Saddle
By Marc O’Brien
A Work of Friendly Young Adult Relationship Fiction
Austin Macauley, UK LTD Publisher
Publishing Date February 28, 2018
Available on Amazon and Austin Macauley, UK LTD
ISBN-13 9781788233538

book cover from YA novel the final fence by author marc obrien. picture shows the two main characters in the book

FAIR QUESTIONS FOR A FEATURE STORY Is a disability something that is subjective or is it objective? Is a diagnosis opinion or fact? The Final Fence: Sophomores in the Saddle authored by Marc O’Brien takes a creative and honest look into a life filled with support due to well-meaning individuals that think before they speak. When Eddie Patrick meets up with Danielle Lynne on a college campus, a love of horses triggers a classroom discussion. When their professor-a large chestnut pony named The Great Satan-starts the lecture, the relationship skills make the grade, with the ribbon only being a decorative award. Using a backdrop of the elegant and classy world of the hunter jumper horse shows during the second Ronald Reagan presidential administration, the setting for this novel is a perfect way for the future generations to learn about respect.
            After finishing their sophomore year in college Danielle Lynne Easton who was an Olympic caliber equestrian who never qualified for the Nationals and Eddie Patrick who competed on the National level in English style horse back riding sat down with an interviewer:


INTERVIEWER:  So, what is the deal with the wrist bands, Eddie?
EDDIE PATRICK:  It was a real bad day and I self-destructed, I did not have the maturity due to the education that I have today, and due to nurses like the ones studying at Southern Dominican University being at the gate and ready, I am here today a little bit more wiser.
DANIELLE LYNNE EASTON:   In plain English, he had a bad round, knocked down too many fences and had to retire, then headed to the show office, plopped down another fee for another class which has been clear so far.


INTERVIEWER: Are you two enjoying University together? Studying (pause) training?
EP:  SDCU is a wonderful supportive environment, I have a group of friends now, there is Peter King, Bobbi Barnes (pause) and Abigail my sorority big sister.
DLE: It’s perfect one hour from my Uncle’s barn and it is a beautiful campus.


INTERVIEWER: What are you looking for in your junior year?
DLE:  To get noticed by the powers that be.
EP:  Would love straight “B”’ grades.


INTERVIEWER:   Danielle Lynne, you say get noticed by the powers that be, what does that mean?
DLE:  Well, I do have a plan for the Grand Prix’s in the summer I will compete at Devon Pa, Upper Ville, VA, Lake Placid, NY then finish it with the mini prix at the Sussex County Horse Show. Then return to my Uncle’s farm to prepare for the Indoor season where hopefully I will get notice for next years Olympic Qualifier.


INTERVIEWER:   Sounds like a busy schedule, do you think the name “Easton” will play apart of getting noticed?
DLE:  Well The Great Satan does have a great strut and we look good together. That should raise some eyebrows of the powers that be.


INTERVIEWER:  Eddie are you going to have that same regimented schedule as the Olympic dreamer?
EP:  I am also riding her horse The Great Satan, but it will be in local horse shows in South Florida.


INTERVIEWER:    Are you looking to get noticed?
EP:  Actually, I am just trying to stay on the right diagonal when competing in the flat classes.
DLE:  From a photogenic standpoint Eddie looks great in the saddle. Since I am practicing for the bigger shows, I am not concerned with any local championships, so I ride in the jumper division and Eddie rides in the flat.


INTERVIEWER:  Such an interesting educational comparison. A rider who did not compete in National competition due to subjective selections but has Olympic caliber potential with an objective decision-making competing on the same horse with a disabled equestrian who represented his home state in National competition.
EP:  And won.


INTERVIEWER:  And won. Danielle Lynne what are you studying?
DL:  How to think.


EP:  How To communicate.


INTERVIEWER:   What a wonderful combination for a feature story.


As a book lover myself, I absolutely love CHARACTER INTERVIEWS. The author in me knows that there’s so much more to a character than what is written in a book. I love knowing more about how the characters see themselves.

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