Interview featuring the main character from the Family Saga GOLD! — The Kincaid Saga, Book 1 by Thomas Greenbank

Are you looking for your next book to read? Do you like Family Saga? The you would love this interview featuring the main character from the novel GOLD! — The Kincaid Saga, Book 1 by Thomas Greenbank.

GOLD! — The Kincaid Saga, Book 1 by Thomas Greenbank is suitable for readers aged 18+ as it does have some Coarse Language, Sex Scenes, Drug Abuse. It is published by Tudogz Publishing and is currently available as an EBOOK (ASIN: B08N5ZVMZT, Dec 10, 2020) and a Paperback (ISBN: 0648961109 Nov 28, 2020).

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Synopsis of GOLD! — The Kincaid Saga, Book 1 by Thomas Greenbank

Malcolm Kincaid is a self-made man. He is also a ruthless businessman and opportunist. He knows what it takes to build and maintain a business empire, but how far will he be prepared to go to achieve his goals — and what will he sacrifice along the way?

Over three decades, Malcolm Kincaid uses, abuses, and dominates associates and family alike, crushing all opposition in his pursuit of wealth and power.

When he allows the pollution of an Aboriginal settlement’s water supply, however, he faces justice of a kind he could never imagine.

GOLD! is a tale of greed, betrayal, family conflict, rape, and murder. It is also, however, a story of love and loyalty — and of how one man’s pride and prejudice can lead to terrible retribution.

Name of character to be interviewed:

Rachel Kincaid

Why was this character chosen for this interview?:

Rachel is one of the key characters. She plays a central role in most of the story, though she is neither the protagonist nor the antagonist.
She sees the good and bad sides of all the other players and has insight into the character and motives of the others.

Question 1: Now that the story has been told, what do you really feel about Malcolm?

Answer: I’m sad for him. We had some good times, at first. I really think his father was responsible for the attitudes and bigotries he displayed. Malcolm really thought he was fulfilling his father’s dreams. It’s his methods that I’m so dismayed by.

Question 2: And Jamie?

Answer: I can’t talk about Jamie. There’s too much… Too much sadness involved. Please ask me something else.

Question 3: What will become of Kincaid Mining Corporation? Will we hear more about the business and the way it evolves?

Answer: Absolutely! There’s so much more to be told. Lachie and Aretha have a great future ahead of them. Bronte and Iain also. I’m sure we’ll also hear more about the Sleemans as well. There’s likely to be a major change in direction for the company, though. You’ll just have to come back next time and see.

Question 4: If you were to go back in time, would you still make the same moves you did?

Answer: I’d be a lot more careful where Malcolm is concerned. I couldn’t really change much, though, without risking losing all the extraordinary and wonderfully positive things that did happen. If Malcolm hadn’t talked me into going to Kalgoorlie with him in the first place, I’d never have met Jamie. Lachlan would never have been born if…you know…

Question 5: I understand. Any final thoughts you’d like to share?

Answer: I’d just like to thank everyone for coming along for the ride. And remember, there’s always a light side and a dark side to everybody. Ultimately, it all comes down to which side we choose to foster, and which we suppress. Look at Bronte, for example.

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This Interview featuring the main character from the Family Saga GOLD! — The Kincaid Saga, Book 1 by Thomas Greenbank was submitted by and with permission of the author.

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