Character Interview: The Card Job: A litRPG heist by Kit Falbo

This week’s Character Interview is from the Sci-fi, Space Opera, LitRPG, Crime novel The Card Job: A litRPG heist by Kit Falbo. It was self-published by the author is currently only available as a Paperback (ISBN-13: 978-1702569095, 10.25.19) and an e-book (ISBN-13: 978-1702569095, 10.29.19). The Card Job: A litRPG heist by Kit Falbo is aimed at readers aged 16+, especially as it does contain swear words, extreme costumes and frustrated desires.

book cover blog post picture Sci-fi, Space Opera, LitRPG, Crime novel The Card Job: A litRPG heist by Kit Falbo

Synopsis of The Card Job: A litRPG heist by Kit Falbo

A Gambler always keeps their cards close to their chest.

In the immersive game Changing Worlds, there is a galaxy of possibilities, gunfights, arena battles, intergalactic warfare, adult pleasures, and pure escapism. Hermanos Granger plays for the paper. The Change-Set a mini-game using cards akin to those introduced to him in his youth. A quest in the cards brings him back to a relationship he thought was buried, and now he has a job to do — the Card Job.

Name of character to be interviewed:

Sasha Bloodlilly

Why was this character chosen for this interview?:

Hermanos Granger’s ex-girlfriend, Max-level Codebreaker, fashion focused, and one focused woman. A pivotal piece of The Card Job.

Question 1: Are the rumors about you and the rest of Team Brunt true?

Answer: -A long throaty laugh later.-

That I slept with them all? I was a one-man woman back then. None of them had the same flair as Hermanos. Sure, we all have alternate accounts for reasons [Wink], but those are separate characters in the game. I like to ride my relationships with a narrow focus to completion.

Question 2: I was thinking more about the black market item selling. How about you tell me how it feels to be a max-level Codebreaker?

Answer: I would never do anything that would violate the terms of service and put my character at risk. [Ice seeps into her voice] Implying that I would do such things would constitute a threat. [Giggle] Being one of the four maxed Codebreakers in the game is awesome. My services are always in demand, and I love meeting new people.

Question 3: Unlike most players, why do you choose fashion over function?

Answer: The clothing makes the woman. You’ll find the right look can be far more deadly than any stats or boosts an outfit might bring. Changing Worlds is hard on outfits. You won’t believe the trouble I go to get a proper wardrobe. The quests, thefts, and begging for gifts. My favorite, rainbow, snake-skin skirt took weeks to acquire, and then It got ruined by a shot from some no-name Soldier Class. He’s not playing anymore.

Question 4: Some would say you are aggressive?

Answer: Changing Worlds is a game where people die and respawn every day. Virtual fortunes are lost and made in instants. You have rogues, killers, cheaters, and psychos. Any player can take a gun and shoot someone in broad daylight. It happens every day. I play the game how I want to play it. The same as everyone else. Some call it aggressive. I think it is just fun.

Question 5: What are your plans for the future?

Answer: As always, I plan to win. To get what I deserve and make sure those players who I am close to get what they deserve too. Changing Worlds tries to give everyone a satisfying experience, and I just want mine to be so much more than that. There might be some fireworks and hiccups along the way. A little chaos is half the fun.


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