Character Interview from Children’s Book Cow In The City by Jeanette Raine Harrison

Today’s character interview is from the Children’s Book Cow In The City by Jeanette Raine Harrison. It is a 33 paged book that was self-published by the author on the 19th of December 2018. It is currently available as a paperback (ISBN-13: 978-1792007507) and an Amazon eBook (ASIN: B07L82MGGB).

book cover for children's book Cow In The City by Jeanette Raine Harrison

Synopsis of Cow In The City by Jeanette Raine Harrison

This children’s book is about a cow named Henrietta who goes to I-Moo-Wa City and tries to go to school.


Name of character to be interviewed: Henrietta

Why was this character chosen to be interviewed?: Henrietta is the main character, and she is very entertaining.

Question 1: What do you do?

Answer: I’m a cow by trade. I was born a cow. I pretty much eat hay and apples all day. I take naps. Then, I play. In my free time, I moo and make milk.

Question 2: What is your family like?

Answer: My family is mostly my mom and my sisters. They don’t let boy cows come around that much. It’s funny, because most of my family looks alike. Sometimes, we get each other mixed up. We think we are looking in a mirror, but we aren’t. I know they say all cows look the same, but we don’t.

Question 3: Why made you want to take a trip to I-Moo-Wa City?

Answer: I really thought that I-Moo-Wa sounded like a good place for a cow. I also have an adventurous soul and wanted to see what life was like outside of the farm.

Question 4: What was your favorite part about I-Moo-Wa City?

Answer: I loved everything about it. I loved the cow-lege, I loved the grass, I loved the trees, I loved the people. I thought it was Moo-riffic!

Question 5: Do you miss living on the farm?

Answer: I do miss living on the farm some days. Still, I know that my mom and sisters and all the other cows out there are cheering me on. They read my book, and they are so happy and proud of me. They kept telling me, “Henrietta, you are Fa-Moos!”


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