Character Interview: Jerm Jenson by Jason Boyce & Aliyah Boyce

This week’s Character Interview is from the Children’s book (No Pictures) Jerm Jenson by Jason Boyce & Aliyah Boyce. It was published by Boyce’s Book Factory and is currently only available as a Paperback (ISBN 978-1688554054, 8/25/2019) and an eBook (Amazon ASIN B07WXSYKKZ, 8/25/2019). Jerm Jenson by Jason Boyce & Aliyah Boyce is aimed at kids aged 5-12 and it contains NO adult themes.


book cover Do you enjoy reading children's books? Then you would love this interview with a character from the Children's book Jerm Jenson by Jason & Aliyah Boyce

Synopsis of Jerm Jenson by Jason & Aliyah Boyce

Jerm Jenson is sent on a special mission for the sake of Quibly kind. Throughout this mission, Jerm encounters many obstacles and double crosses. Will Jerm save his species or will he be lead into a trap that could ruin the future of all Quibly kind. This book is intended for ages 5-12. No cursing and no objectionable situations. This is a children’s story with a solid moral foundation.


Name of character to be interviewed:

Jerm Jenson


Why was this character chosen for this interview?

This is the lead character in the Jerm Jenson Series of Children’ Books.


Question 1: What do you do?

Answer: I am a young Quibly that lives on the planet Abarath with my Mother and best friend Sena Shrubarb. I was just chosen by the Chancellor for a special mission to Earth!


Question 2: How does the special mission to Earth make you feel?

Answer: I am excited about this chance. There isn’t a Quibly in our history that has gone to Earth.


Question 3: Why is this mission necessary?

Answer: The Quibly have been under constant threat from the Zawns, a rival species living on the same planet. We are in seek of a safer planet to live on.


Question 4: Where is your Father?

Answer: My Father fought alongside of Chancellor Shrew in the great war. Chancellor Shrew made it out by my Father did not. I will forever cherish his memory.


Question 5: How did the trip to Earth go?

Answer: OH MY GOODNESS! It was fantastic. I made friends, met animals, and helped the Earth folk with a problem I accidentally caused.


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