Character Interview: Vanessa A Journey To Forever (My Hidden Diary) – The Thrill – Part One by Elle Christ

Today’s character interview is from the Teen/Young adult urban romance spiritual novel Vanessa A Journey To Forever (My Hidden Diary) – The Thrill – Part One by Elle Christ. It is a 353 page book, self-published by the author and is currently only available as an Amazon ebook (ASIN: B07VYZNTCJ).

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Synopsis of Vanessa A Journey To Forever (My Hidden Diary) – The Thrill – Part One by Elle Christ

Introducing a young lady Vanessa, who was raised in London, her roots from the Congo aged 24 years old and lives in the West side of London. Known as the dreamer, freethinker, nonchalant in her ways and a seeker of love. She’s had a series of heartaches and currently shares a mysterious relationship with an old school pal Marlon in the spiritual realm. After finishing fashion school she is at a crossroads in her life not knowing what the future truly holds for her, she will either have to fulfill the hopes to be a fashion designer or settle for being a waitress. Will she ever experience true love as her heart yearns for or forever fantisize on a pact set up between her and Marlon in the spiritual realms. Vanessa knows she can do more, seeks more and questions life, and everything around her.

Her spiritual practices leads her to be guided by her guardian angel Laurence who reveals her whole life prophecy through an amazing painting found at one of the famous art exhibitions in London. This epiphany unfolds the mystery of her next chapter which will take place in New York, in which her guardian angel travels with her and oversees her on this journey, appearing and disappearing, directing her along the way. It is upon Vanessa to heed to the voice within and find what it is she is looking for, choosing to venture out or never get the chance to understand her true potential of character and what her purpose in life holds. Vanessa is called to exercise her faith, walk in her hopes and sacrifice all she has grown comfortable with, she wants to discover life away from this relationship that haunts her, from an uncertain future in her neighborhood and so takes the opportunity to venture out to NYC to gain the true beauty of Love for herself and others. This is her hidden mystery. Having struggled to have relationships and suffered numerous heartache’s Vanessa is still on this quest of understanding Love, spirituality and her life. Sharing this powerful connection in the higher dimensions has left Vanessa in an un-easy predicatment, she’s trying to remain loyal to this powerful connection yet she is facing trials and tribulations through possible suitors and within herself. Self-mastery to ascend her dreams as well as battling to keep an unrealistic love leads Vanessa to ponder on what is really real. This is all new, exciting and already she is seduced by a handsome young man Mikel who falls in love with her free-thinking attitude. Vanessa’s presence is recognized as a gift among her room-mates in NYC – Manhattan even so she still must face challenges within herself, to reach her highest potential in love that is and in her life’s purpose – parties, s*x, alcohol, drugs have tried to be her downfall but she fights to withstand every influence that comes her way meanwhile her spiritual relationship in her dreamworld keeps calling her and in doing so is stopping her from experiencing a new love she is building with Mikel, nonetheless her guardian angel Laurence helps her to perceive the difference in knowing true love by listening to the soul – but the world around her and her new pals somehow has them trapped in trying to fit in, at the same time warring to do the right thing. Vanessa however knows who she is and has brought a new energy to the table in which her mission of Infinite Love has only just begun.

Name of character to be interviewed: Mikel

Why was this character chosen?: Mike has a mysterious and caring nature to him, it interests me the influence he has on his group of friends, his calm speaks volumes about his character.

Question 1: Was you ever in love with Kazzy?

Answer: To be honest Kazzy was a one night stand. but over time as she began to hang out with our crowd the intimate moments got more deeper, and then somehow my feelings were getting attached to her.

Love is a strong word, I’d like to say I was deeply into her yes.

Question 2: Why such an influence among the interns you work with?

Answer: When we all moved into the house together no one hardly spoke to eachother, I broke the ice, got us invites to local parties in the area, also organized fun nights for the room mates. This solidness brought respect with it. Aswell as that I always looked out for Sonia, Andrew, Jasmine and Lucas, including Vanessa who recently joint the clique.

Question 3: What has drawn you to Vanessa?

Answer: She’s a special one, she doesn’t realize it, her eyes took me by surprise, her smile is so real and her aura is true. There’s a funny nature to her that she doesn’t force on, a free playing attitude, and a sparkle about her, this part of her and her imagination got to me deeply. I see myself in her, and it’s hard to kind of look away right?
She is so loving too, abit too loving but it’s her strength but she may see it as her weakness.

Question 4: Why did you want to be a fashion designer?

Answer: Its something different, my dad owns an oil company back in Nigeria, and I wanted a change from working with my Father to actually finding a new interest. Everyone including myself knew I could dress well so went to Fashion school before being an intern at Avena LA Grand

Question 5: Would you say Vanessa is your first true love?

Answer: Maybe yes, i’ve been in love before but true love is infinite, spiritual..she has what I need.


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