Sunday Snippet: I Learn – A short poem

Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well?

Today’s snippet is I Learn – A short poem from the book called “And I Thought Divorce Was Bad“. The book was written by Wilnona Marie, Shel-bee and Jade Dee. The poem itself was written by Shel-bee.

The snippet:

I am what I am
I did what I did
I felt what I feel
I cried my own tears
I wish for no regrets…ah!
Mistakes needed to be made
Fragments of the past & present
Here I am…nothing more, nothing less
I am not invisible,
I stand strong with age
I was, I am, I will become the dreamer…the doer of my new found reality of being somebody to me!

If you liked the snippet, you can get the book on Amazon US or Amazon UK

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