The Segilola Salami Show – How to grow organically on social media and more

How to grow organically on social media and more

Today on the show, we discuss how an author can grow his fan base on social media organically without having to pay for it. We also review a book by Jason Klamm.

To summarise, here’s what was said on the show

Firstly, go to where your target audience is. I cannot stress how important Goodreads is. I know I talk about Goodreads a lot but I have to put a disclaimer here. I do not work for Goodreads, I do not get paid for talking about them. In my journey as an author, I have found Goodreads to be more helpful than not. It is the social media for book lovers. Everyone on there likes books.

Once you have an account on Goodreads, join groups. Be social, build connections then ask those connections to connect with you on your other platforms.

Be willing to do more than you hope to receive. If you want your content shared, share a lot of other people’s contents. Offer to review other author’s books, post the reviews on Amazon, Goodreads and link your Goodreads review to your twitter account, so all reviews get posted to your profile automatically. Then share that twitter update with the author by adding their twitter handle. That’s all part of sowing good karma. And surprise, surprise, you will have people retweeting you that you don’t even know. Add everyone of them and you will see that some of them will add you back.

As a newbie author, I know this is time consuming but it is a new journey and I think you should enjoy every step of it. If you are not willing to invest in yourself, how do you then expect others to invest in you?

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