Character Interview: Jacob’s Ladder by Jake Evanoff

Today’s character interview is from the Children’s Picture Book Jacob’s Ladder by Jake Evanoff. Jacob’s Ladder was self-published by the author on the 1st of July 2019 and has 26 pages. It is currently available as a paperback, ISBN-13: 978-1999162818 and an eBook, ISBN-13: 978-1-9991628-0-1.

book cover from children's picture book Jacob's Ladder by author Jake Evanoff

Synopsis of Jacob’s Ladder by Jake Evanoff

Jacob and Halley are the best of friends. They live in the small town of Hadderville and they do absolutely everything together! Every day after school, they meet up in Jacob’s tree house to start their next adventure, but one day Halley doesn’t show up! How far will Jacob go to find her?

Name of character to be interviewed:

Jacob’s Dad

Why was this character chosen to be interviewed?

I chose to interview Jacob’s dad because while he isn’t the main character of the story, he still plays a major role in it. Jacob’s dad encourages him right from the beginning and having that support assures Jacob that he’s making a good decision.

Question 1: How long had Jacob and Halley known each other?

Answer: Pretty much their whole lives. Since the day that Halley moved in next door to us the two were basically inseparable.

Question 2: When Halley went away, Jacob decided to build a ladder to try to reach her comet up in the sky… Has he always been one to think outside the box?

Answer: Jacob is by far the most creative child I know when it comes to finding unique solutions to problems.

Question 3: When you discovered that he was building the ladder, what was your initial reaction?

Answer: I was proud of him. Instead of letting the situation bring him down, he used his resources to come up with a plan.

Question 4: Were you surprised by how many people showed up to offer their support?

Answer: Not at all. In our little town, we all stick together. Everybody knows each other by name and you can always count on your neighbors to lend a helping hand.

Question 5: Do you think that Jacob brought the town of Hadderville even closer together with his actions?

Answer: Absolutely! I don’t think anyone will be forgetting about Jacob’s Ladder anytime soon.


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