Character Interview: Spaghetti Head by Sarah Tyley

Today’s blog post is a character interview from the mixed genre (speculative self-help romantic comedy) book Spaghetti Head by Sarah Tyley. It was independently published by the author and is available as a Paperback (ISBN 9781986751865, published 6.07.18) and an Amazon ebook (ASIN B07BJK4SB6, published 7.03.18).

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Synopsis of Spaghetti Head by Sarah Tyley

Do you ever feel like you can’t think straight: that you have a maniac in your head talking nonsense to you, messing with your emotions? Spaghetti Head follows Nell Greene on her journey of self-discovery as she struggles to take control of her inner maniac: SID. Under pressure to have a child in a post-disaster world, Nell needs to find a partner – but, as SID regularly reminds her, she is incapable of trust, so how is she ever going to fall in love, let alone persuade anyone to fall in love with her? Nell enrols at a state-of-the-art therapy centre where she explores her inner world of memories and emotional attachments in an attempt to take control of SID: learn to trust: and find love. SID, however, has other ideas.

Name of character(s) to be interviewed

The interview is with two characters – Nell and SID.

Why were these character(s) choosen for this interview?

Nell and her ego, SID are the main characters in the book. Everyone has an ego and Nell has a particularly challenging relationship with hers. After all they have been through together, Nell asked if they could feature in the character interview.

Start of Interview

What first made you want to appear in Sarah Tyley’s book?


SID: There was an advertisement looking for someone with issues around trust, commitment and low self-esteem to participate in a social study. Nell was the obvious candidate!

NELL: Thanks! It took a few days before I was ready to accept that I fitted that description, but then I contacted the name given in the ad. They were looking for a character to attend one of the cutting-edge therapy centres in Scandinavia to work through their issues. Their journey through therapy would be recorded and published in a fictional self-help novel. I thought it was exactly what I needed, and the idea that my experience could help others really excited me – so how could I refuse?


Why do you think SID was always a negative, rather than positive, influence in your life?


NELL: Because I let her be. I didn’t take responsibility for the thoughts I was having and the influence they were having on my life – they had all become a habit, and the easy option was to go along with it.

SID: I don’t look at it like that. I didn’t think I was being negative. To me, I was protecting Nell from being hurt or disappointed.


If you weren’t an environmental journalist, what would you be?


NELL: An organic dairy farmer.

SID: And have to get up at 5am to milk? I don’t think so.

NELL: I’d program Alice to do the milking!


Alice is?


SID: Nell’s house-bot.

NELL: And my best friend.


I get the impression you are closer to your Granma than your Mum – is that true?


NELL: It is now! I don’t know how I’ll ever re-build my relationship with Mum after all that’s happened.

SID: Your Mum didn’t have much choice, Nell.

NELL: Yes she did, there’s always a choice.


If you had your time again, is there anything you would change?


NELL: Of course! But I won’t have it again, so I live life believing that everything happens for a reason: everything has its time.

SID: As for me, now I realise what effect I had on Nell, I’d have been a better friend to her from the word go.

NELL: Wow – can you imagine having said that six months ago? Thanks SID, but it’s okay – all is as it should be.


That brings us to the end of this character interview. I hope you found it as interesting as I did, delving into the mind of the lead character. If you did enjoy this character interview, please consider supporting the author by purchasing your own copy of Spaghetti Head by Sarah Tyley via your favourite book retailer or using one of my Amazon affiliate links below. You are welcome to browse the full list of books I have written if you are looking for more books to purchase.

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