Character Interview: A Family Reunion by KM Beirne

Today’s character interview is from the Fantasy novel A Family Reunion by KM Beirne. It is a 227 paged novel that was independently published by the author on the 10th of March 2019. A Family Reunion by KM Beirne is currently available as an ebook, ISBN-10: 1799281434  and a paperback ISBN-13: 978-1799281436.

book cover from fantasy novel A Family Reunion by KM Beirne character interview

Synopsis of A Family Reunion by KM Beirne

Gail has never felt accepted at work, nor indeed, has she ever felt truly accepted in this world. Will an unexpected encounter with some unusual strangers explain this feeling? Who are the emerald-eyed duo in pursuit, and what do they want from her? A mystical adventure could be about to explain all, but she might have to give up more than she could have possibly imagined and things will never be the same again.

Name of character to be interviewed: Gail Stormhaven

Why was this character chosen for this interview?: Gail is the female protagonist in ‘A Family Reunion’. She is definitely not your average office worker, hiding a secret that not even she is aware of that drags her into the world of demons, magic and tyranny.

Question 1: If someone was going to make your life into a movie, who would play you and why?

Answer: I would love someone like a young Milla Jovovich to play me as she usually plays interesting science fiction characters who have a good balance of empathy and kick-ass. Plus she looks awesome whist she’s taking down a monster or two!

Question 2: Who has been the most interesting person you have met on this adventure?

Answer: Hmm…my favourite person would definitely be Nokken, if you met her you might be a little frightened at first by her outward appearance but her personality is so warm. She has picked me up and dusted me off more than once and she has an interesting way of getting around! The most interesting person though is probably the cool and calculated Mera, she is only a child but she packs a good punch. I would definitely watch my back around her! Despite my acquired skills on this journey, she is someone that I would have no chance of taking down myself.

Question 3: Did you learn anything new about yourself on this adventure?

Answer: Apart from something glaring obvious that would really spoil things if I was to let it slip right now, I really learned a bit of resolve and that I didn’t have to fit in with the popular crowd in order to feel comfortable with myself. I don’t fit in to normal society, and actually, that isn’t something to be ashamed of. Being weird is good. Normal is overrated!

Question 4: Name one thing that you would abolish if you could.

Answer: Oh, that’s easy – definitely hierarchy. I don’t understand how anyone believes that they are above or more important than anyone else in the world. Having the luck to be born in a certain place or a certain way doesn’t make you better than anyone else who wasn’t that fortunate. A desire to rule others is a pretty good reason for you not to, in my opinion.

Question 5: What was the biggest challenge you faced on this adventure?

Answer: You would think it might be demons, magic and you know, trying to save the world under dire circumstances, but actually it was that I didn’t feel quite myself (you’ll understand when you get to know me a bit more!) and I had to learn a whole new way of doing things from scratch. I really miss my favourite foods too…


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2 thoughts on “Character Interview: A Family Reunion by KM Beirne

  • I found this format to be interesting because it allows prospective readers to see into the personality of the book’s main characters without giving away too much of the story. How many times do we read a book with an enjoyable theme just to discover we hate it because of the main character’s personality. Of course, it depends on what we are looking for in a book, but a story can be as beautiful as an intricately engraved sword, and still be the source of all we hate and fear if we’re being attacked by it. Again, I love the format.

    This is what I got from the “interview”. Gail Stormhaven is a fighter, but it is because she has grown up feeling rejected due to her limitations. Naturally, that has caused her to be embarrassed, then sad, and finally, when she realizes its not her fault, she is angry and develops a fighter’s personality. It is a ‘love me or get out of my way before I crush you’ way of looking at life. Later, she finds others like her. They are also misfits and are angry at the way the world has treated them.

    Gail despises the society she grew up in. It shamed those that don’t fit into the status quo or what it described as popular and normal. It tried to make her and people like her feel ‘unworthy’. With that unworthiness, we have that society’s hierarch, something that Gail finally comes to accept as the root of all her unhappiness. She hates it.

    Question five gives a subtle hint about what Gail eventually discovers about herself and why she has felt so disconnected with the world around her. That is the main question of the story.

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