Character Interview: My Big Brother Troy by Danielle Wallace

This week’s Character Interview is from the Children’s Picture Book My Big Brother Troy by Danielle Wallace. It was published by Bowker and is currently available as a Paperback only (ISBN-13: 978-0578442068 08.15.2019). My Big Brother Troy by Danielle Wallace is suitable for children of all ages and contains no adult themes.

book cover from the Children's Picture Book My Big Brother Troy by Danielle Wallace


Synopsis of My Big Brother Troy by Danielle Wallace

My Big Brother Troy is the endearing story of an African American family and their journey of navigating through life with a developmentally delayed son. The story is told from the point of view of Sasha, our main character’s younger sister. Troy is developmentally delayed, but that does not interfere with Sasha and her big brother becoming best friends. Troy’s brain works in a special way that makes it harder for him to control his actions, communicate his words and emotions and learn in the same manner that his peers learn. Sasha faces the same problem as so many other children–getting other people to understand a member of her family. In bringing us this universal story she also happens to bring us an understanding of something many of us may not encounter in our families, but do in our lives.


Name of character to be interviewed:


Why was this character chosen for this interview?

This character is one of the lead characters in the series. All of the stories are told from this character’s point of view.

Question 1: What do you want readers to gain from this story?

Answer: I want readers to realize that everyone is different in their own way and we should not judge them. We should all accept each other’s differences and work to be more empathetic.

Question 2: What makes your big brother Troy special?

Answer: Troy is developmentally delayed. The adults around us make it a point to refer to his delay as something that makes him seems negative, but to me, he’s simply my big brother. We have so much fun together and he’s the nicest person I know.

Question 3: Why is this story important?

Answer: I think it’s important for all kids to find representation in media. This story allows African American children with special needs to see themselves reflected in a way that isn’t available in other stories.

Question 4: Will there be more books?

Answer: Yes! Please stay tuned because this is only the first of many!

Question 5: Where can readers find out more about the book?

Answer: Please feel free to visit the website


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