Character Interview: Celebrate by Christine Reynebeau

Today’s Character Interview is from the Children’s Picture Book Celebrate by Christine Reynebeau. It was published by Dreambuilt Books and is currently available as an eBook (Amazon ASIN B07QMYN78M, date published 04.19.19) and paperback (ISBN 978-0578494197, date published 04.09.19). The target age range of this Children’s Picture Book Celebrate by Christine Reynebeau is 0-8 years old.

book cover children's book Character Interview: Celebrate by Christine Reynebeau

Synopsis of Celebrate by Christine Reynebeau

Henry and Lucy are asked to stand up at a wedding! Together they discover meaning in the big celebration. This is a story about the celebration and values that come with love; it’s a small reminder that love is very important in our lives. This is a wedding book that walks you through the day and helps ring bearers and flower girls to understand their role in the big day.

Name of character to be interviewed: Henry

Why was this character chosen for this interview?

Henry is one of the main characters in the series and he helps a lot of young boys understand their roles a lot better.

Question 1: What is your favourite thing about being involved in a Wedding?

Answer: I loved all the dancing and music. I and Lucy got to stay up past our bedtime enjoying the celebration!

Question 2: What did you and Lucy do in the celebration?

Answer: Lucy was the flower girl and I was the ring bearer.

Question 3: What did you learn about the importance of your role?

Answer: I learned that it’s a really special to be involved in someone’s wedding, because the couple believes you’re important in their lives and want you involved in their future.

Question 4: What is important to know about weddings?

Answer: We are celebrating love and a promise to be respectful and truthful in relationships.

Question 5: Why do you think we celebrate weddings now?

Answer: Because love is what makes us happy and what helps us when we are sad, so it’s important to celebrate it when you have the chance.

This character interview was submitted by the Author Christine Reynebeau


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