UK Comic Book Artist Launches the Most Effective Website Monitoring Tool for FREE!

If you have a website or you manage one for someone else, I am sure you are always on the lookout for tools to help you monitor your website. If I am correct, then this blog post is just for YOU! I am certain that you would be pleased to find out about a new FREE Website Monitoring Tool that has just been launched in the UK.

What is this new Website Monitoring Tool?

Iqbal Ali is a Bangladeshi Muslim and creator based in the UK, he creates unique comic indie books which entail some fantasy, sci-fi and thriller storylines. Recently, he launched the “swiss army knife” of website monitoring tools called SiteBubo which helps to cut out the ‘jargon’ by providing simple and consistent website monitoring, easy-to-understand reports, and instant notifications to let you know what’s going on with your website – the perfect tool for businesses owners!

SiteBubo, the global website monitoring tool, are offering their complete website monitoring solution for website owners who crave simplicity and want a time-saving alternative to web management. Their focus is to provide a single place to monitor all things about a website owner’s online presence. No fuss with useless stats, but information that is useful and easy to understand and action.

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What is Sitebubo?

SiteBubo combine the most important website monitors in one simple dashboard, making it both incredibly easy to use and time-efficient. The platform also offers a number of time-saving features, including continuous monitoring checks for your site so you won’t have to do any of the dirty work yourself. The tool will send you instant notifications if the site is down, Keywords or SEO has dipped, Malware alerts or if there is anything else you might need to know. SiteBubo also provides regular health checks for your site to let you know what’s performing well, and where you may want to focus your attention in future. These reports also include simple and easy-to-implement recommendations for improvement to your site. SiteBubo will make sure you have all the information you need when communicating with a developer by creating a downloadable PDF report which you can pass to them, showing them what work is needed. Then because of continuous monitoring, SiteBubo will check if the issue has been resolved.


Why do you need Sitebubo?

From February 8th, SiteBubo are offering a limited amount of free registrations of the initial launch of their tool. These free spots will be for beta testers to help perfect their next launch. The free trial doesn’t end there though, early adopters will retain their accounts and free access to the next phase launch in Q2.

Next quarter, SiteBubo will be offering an upgrade to a paid plan, which will feature improved check frequencies, reports and more. There’s also a host of new monitors in the works, aimed at making you feel calmer about the state of your web presence

Quote from Iqbal Ali

Our online presence is more important to us than ever. And so much of headspace goes into worrying about it. As a result we check multiple places to get peace of mind. Our aim was to create a single place to monitor everything–to provide calm to our customers so they can spend their energies on the things that really matter.”


CONCLUSION: SiteBubo is the “swiss army knife” of website, speed, server and SEO monitoring tools. The web development company simplifies the concept of website monitoring, helping to eliminate the noise that so often comes with running a website, and bringing a sense of “web calm” to business owners, marketers and web developers everywhere.

Find out more or sign up for more communications regarding access to the beta-test launch here:

The Sitebubo name is based on the Bubo owl from Clash of the Titans (in Greek Mythology, was a robotic replica of Athena’s beloved magical owl of the same name.) The owl acts as a friend, guide and mentor as does the Sitebubo website monitoring tool, making the name very fitting.

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