Clickety clack, clickety clack, what’s that coming down the track? A day out in London

Clickety clack, clickety clack, what’s that coming down the track? A day out in London

It was half term last week and from poor weather to a poorly toddler, the week went by so quickly that it was the weekend before I realised I hadn’t spent any ‘quality’ time with my lil one. I needed to rectify this quickly as spending time doing mummy and daughter things is quite important to me.

Trains are one of the things my toddler loves at the moment and the beauty about London (well one of the beauties) is that kiddies can use public transport for free. I made a plan that we would get on the Docklands Light Rail from Lewisham to Bank and make our way back. I mean, what toddler wouldn’t love spending half an hour on the train and be AMAZED by the beauty of the big world?

As the weather was changing, I needed a new coat that wasn’t too heavy (so not a winter coat) but not too light either. So I contacted Dresslland (yes two Ls) to offer me something stylish but warm enough for the slightly warmer weather. I was given a Ladies Cream Autumn Cape. To be honest, if it wasn’t given to me, I probably may not have picked it myself but I am glad that I got it. As my first cape, it was a pleasant surprise. Apart from being light weight, I loved the freedom it gave my hands compared to regular coats. My hands could ‘do’ the wheels on the train as it went down the track whilst singing ‘choo choo, choo choo’. I think I enjoyed myself considerably more than my toddler.

As a mum, we rarely take care of ourselves, instead putting all our energies into looking after the little humans we have beeen charged with to nurture and protect. So for the first time in ages, I felt and looked like a million dollars. I think that was reflected in the extra spring to my step as we walked to the train station and the big smile on my face as we sang “what does a train do? choo choo choo choo!” Sadly, I don’t think the other passengers were too pleased at our enthusiasm.

For me, my lil human enjoyed herself and that was a day out in London well spent in my opinion. I have to give an Oscar speech here with thanks to Dresslland for their lovely cape. I have nothing negative to say about it. It’s definitely fit for purpose and every mum needs one. OK maybe a sneaky pocket on the inside to put your keys in whilst you dash to the store for some bread.

Below is a picture of the cape from their website, my phone is bad so couldn’t upload one but I hope to get one uploaded in a post next week (fingers crossed)

clickety clack, what's that coming down the track? a day out in London. ladies cape by dresslland


About Dresslland

Dresslland is a UK based online fashion boutique where you can discover unique women’s clothing and accessories at affordable prices. They offer free standard delivery within the UK and they ship internationally as well. Give them a try, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.


PS  Whilst on my way to pick up my lil human from nursery, I got complemented by a young man. In his words and I quote (whilst following me with his eyes) “now that’s a queen fit for any man”. If I was white, I would have blushed!


PS PS what’s your idea of the perfect day out in London with your toddler? Please leave a comment below 😀

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  • If you want something good to do the museums are always great fun! They are also free so good if you’re on a budget! Science museum has lots for kiddies to do to but my brother loves dinosaurs so natural history museum was his favourite!

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