Bella, an African Cinderella-book review

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BELLA–AN AFRICAN CINDERELLA STORY Kindle Edition by Fatima Koise (Author)

What is Bella, an African Cinderella about?

The book is a retelling of the classic Cinderella fairytale from a purely African perspective. Both the young and adult readers will treasure the re-twist of the African version of the story.

An African Cinderella story, told from a watchful Godmother’s point of view and brought to life based on an African version of the story. It tells the story of a poor orphan who is left a magic silver ring by her mother and discovers its power to help her beloved daughter. A beautiful girl is transformed into a pig. No coaches, but a horse; a silver ring instead of a golden slippers, pigmies and cowries were also featured to give the narrative an African taste. And stepbrothers added to stepsisters with the result being an outstanding Cinderella story different from any other collection.

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