Check out this AMAZING book for all the family ‘Princess Raya’ by Fatima Koise


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PRINCESS RAYA Kindle Edition by FATIMA KOISE (Author)

What is Princess Raya BY FATIMA KOISE about?

“Princess Raya” the long-haired girl re-tells the story of Rapunzel the fairy by Friedrich Schulz published since in the 1790’s, from an African perspective.

The writer introduces you to Unzella, the one-eyed witch whom out of jealousy cut off Raya’s long beautiful, the mysterious bird which travelled far to Raya’s mother to report about her existence, Mohnad and Gislan, the good and bad princes and many more….

This Amazing book has a global and multi-cultural appeal with a Euro-African twist to it. It re-tells the classic Grimm story with pigmies and other african things to give it a different narrative.

If you like what you have read so far, you can get your copy of Princess Raya on Amazon now

About the author

Fatima Koise is the author of 15 children books for all ages and a Novella titled the ‘The Silent Wife.” Amongst her collections are the “Darkest of all nights-a Collection of Short Stories; The Nine Princesses- another collection of Stories, Bella and the Pigmies-A Euro-African Version of Snowwhite and the Seven Dwarfs and Bella-The African Cinderella all available on Kindle and the Amazon Stores.

You can connect with Fatima on Twitter: https/


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